Ex Idolo

Lucid Dream

Eau de Parfum

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This scent is beautiful, but heartbreakingly faint. I sprayed 16 sprays this morning (because 4 sprays yesterday got me nowhere) and an hour later it’s noticeable if I put my wrist to my nose only. (It’s not nose fatigue, I asked other people.) A gorgeous, slightly leathery, smoky osthmanthus. I just wish it had more substance.
By   - Office Manager from New Jersey on 10/11/2018
33 became my daily workhorse but it didn't start out that way. Ex Idolo must specialize in complexity because the position of notes I initially detected changed over time – everything was still accurate but it was as though the arrangement had matured into something unique to me. Flash forward to now, I wanted something new to add to my collection and lo and behold, Ex Idolo releases a new scent! Just like 33, something keeps me coming back and now I Lucid Dream is for casual, informal events. It makes my wife think of childhood candy. The smoky sweetness is playful and happy and has garnered positive reactions from those close enough to me that expect the richness of 33. This one also possesses great longevity and projection, just like 33.
By   - Corporate sales from Southampton on 10/9/2018
I mostly get the fruity, grapey, sweet spiced wine smell of davana & rose. Very well done, with well-chosen smokey incense notes to set it up in a golden frame, but it's just not the way I'd like to smell, personally.
By   - Desginer from western MA on 10/5/2018
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