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X for Men

Eau de Parfum

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very matured smell, a lil church like. Good for grandpa or father
By   - Independent Contractor from Spartanburg on 2/23/2021
Very bad perfume. Unoriginal smell of cheap citrus which stays on the notes for maybe 15-30 minutes, after which there has no personality left. Bought a sample (dabber), but I do not think the bottle is much different. Very disappointed. Christians' perfumes prove once again to be overrated and overpriced.
By   - Photographer from Rovaniemi on 5/6/2019
what to write first about X? well it lasts more than a day to my skin. it's there even after shower. this scent stays the same on the skin even after hours. I prefer X from all other C Christians perfumes. 3 sprays are enough for a whole day. nothing warmer than this scent. very classy and masculin . X and amber oud by kilian are masterpieces. cannot say which is better.
By  on 4/4/2013
My apologies Lucky Scent. My first review was for the womens X fragrance. However, the mens version is a spicy orris scent that is simply unmatched. It layer great with No 1 for men or the womens X fragrance. Amazing longevity and sillage...12 to 15 hours on my skin.
By   - jazz pianist from Pensacola on 9/22/2012
This is a more sophisticated and complex version of the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EDP. I bought X for my girlfriend and when she wears it, I can not resist... hint hint! Layers great with the mens X for an even better experience. IMO, the sexist female fragrance ever created and I have sampled thousands.
By   - jazz pianist from Pensacola on 9/12/2012
I've been wearing X for 2 years - my favorite scent on the planet - was sold when I accidentally sprayed a little on the cuff of my jacket.....2 weeks later the orris in the scent was still present - excellent dry down for a sexy scent - haven't smelled anything like it
By   - Deals from Nashville, TN on 7/11/2012
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