Majda Bekkali

Fusion Sacree - Clair

Eau de Parfum

50ml $125
120ml EdP $250
0.7ml sample $4
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One of the first samples I ever ordered from luckyscent. Still unbeaten by any other. I absolutely adore it. I usually go for unisex frags, but this one could nothing but capture my heart.
By   - Student from Georgia on 3/29/2021
I like it but not a huge fan. It is very subjective. Can't describe.
By   - Manager from Madison on 9/10/2020
Fusion Sacree is the most accurate recreation of the fragrance of a gardenia that I've ever encountered. Not only does it capture the flower's buttery rich heart, but the ingenious addition of fir and cedar blend seamlessly with the base to create that vaporous high note so distinctive of a real living gardenia flower. It stays true-to-nose through the warm up and the dry down, lasts all day, and finally rounds out to a demure vanilla musk. So many would-be gardenia solifore perfumes claim to represent every facet of that delicious fragrance, but Fusion Sacree is the only one I've ever found that really manages it. I can't recommend it enough. Exquisite!
By   - Artist from Portland on 7/25/2020
I got a lot of tuberose out of this also, intensely buttery and intoxicating like real thing. But ultimately this fragrance just did not work for me. The fir and cedar and patchouli basenotes never melded with the headiness of the flowers on my skin -- they kind of hung around the periphery, smelling faintly of toothpaste -- and the coffee note didn't appear until way into the drydown, where it stuck out like a sore thumb. I did love that tuberose, though....
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 12/1/2018
I purchased this locally (only ONE site in the U.K. offering it), and it really is stunning, very golden. I get mostly buttery gardenia—my body chemistry eats fragrances and snuffs weaker notes, so I don't often get to experience all of the talent and incredible nuances that go into creating these olfactory works of art, but this is a real beauty, not to be overlooked. I'm glad that MB's scents are finally offered in normal bottles instead of the prohibitively pricey sculptures, just LOVE this, not as complex and "busy" as the listed notes make it seem, and for the first time in a long time, I don't smell a single familiar stage—nothing from the 80s or 90s, nothing too derivative and Fusion Sacrée isn't trying too hard either.
By   - does it matter? from Woore, Cheshire on 3/27/2017
I'm bored with the Comme des Garçons and Tauers, all of the "niche" out there (so many it's become overwhelming), but then I stumbled upon Fusion Sacrée. Although it was a risk blind-purchasing 120 ml of this scent, I'm glad that I did; gorgeous doesn't even begin to describe this little work of art. The opening is odd, a bit like tomato leaves, a tad bitter and strangely buttery, but it almost literally blooms on the skin into warm, rich gardenia, vanilla buttercream spiced chai with crisp green herbal woods that veer between warm and heady/bright and soft, crisp and dark. This is a truly beautiful scent that deserves the hype and hyperbole, the poetry that Tauer etc., receive, but I'm glad it's a bit of a secret. For now.
By   - slacker from Cheshire U.K. on 3/22/2017
This fragrance is stunning! The opening is fruity for me, then floral. The dry down is mostly buttery and woodsy but with a little sweetness and touch of the fruity / floral lingering in the background. This is an unusual fragrance pick for me as I am absolutely a straight up gourmand lover, rarely opting for any noticeably floral fragrances and funnily enough I do not like woodsy scents at all - I especially can't stand cedar. Yet, this fragrance balances all of that so well with a vanilla sweetness in the background - I am just in LOVE with this fragrance! Longevity and sillage is great. I just bought a 120ml FB after sampling this!
By   - . from Texas on 2/18/2017
I bought a bottle of this, and I have never smelled such lovely sillage. The buttery vanilla-benzoin follows me through my day, delighting me and others.
By  on 9/30/2014
I was intensely startled when the opening of this one was a burst of green, largely celery. Then there is a brief confusing time when the celery is sautéed in butter. Then buttery sweet benzoin and vanilla, unctuous and delicious if you're into heavy gourmands. I am. The opening and the rest seem to be two different scents. But the linear base is so delicious that I'm going to get a bottle.
By   - Doctor from Southwest on 9/25/2014
A sample came with my bottle of J'ai fait un reve and I was absolutely sunk. Rich, mesmerizing fragrance. It's on the way in the mail. Naturally I asked for samples of the remaining one, Mon Nom Est Rouge. I have a feeling I'm going to adore anything from Majda Bekkali.
By   - Author on 9/25/2013
"Wow. Just, wow." Is exactly right. This is gorgeous but transforms so quickly with my chemistry. At first, a yummy peachy-ish scent, within minutes larger than life gardenias and jasmine, moments later it's a soft floral - but wait, there's that fruity, no - it's floral, it's... Super sillage!
By   - from St. Louis on 8/24/2013
Wow. Just, wow. I love it. Tuberose is one of the stronger notes for me in the opening. Then I get gardenia, as well as sweeter notes like blackcurrant, neroli, mandarin, and vanilla. The drydown is indeed heavy-lidded, and close to the skin. Not a straight-ahead gourmand, which I appreciate. Elegant and sultry. Good sillage and great longevity. Will definitely buy a full bottle for special occasions.
By  on 8/6/2013
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