Clive Christian

Noble XXI Cypress


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Clive Christian Cypress Art Deco is INCREDIBLE! I've only sampled about 5 frags from CC - they certainly represent the essence of "niche". Pure class is how I describe this. Projection is not like say Interlude Man. However the longevity is absolutely longstanding (like Interlude Man). And bc this is a cypress scent, it might not be as good of a fragrance - Profumum Roma Arso is a good example. Lastly... Buying this big bottle from Luckyscent has been perhaps the best experience I've had with any Fragrance Dealer. Receiving this remarkable bottle combined with all the free niche samples... MAN I'M EXCITED ABOUT IT ????. THANK YOU SO MUCH LUCKYSCENT!! INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE!!?? Regards,
By   - Medical Professional from Battle Creek, Michigan on 2/5/2020
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