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I didn't want to like any of the CC's. Between the gold crown topper and the price point, I find the brand to be more than a little ostentatious. But, I've slowly become a convert and have actually come to really enjoy '1872 for W', 'C for W', and even 'No. 1 for W'. But sadly, I'm not a fan of this. It's sweet, as in fruity florals soaked in sugar sweet, but worse, it's almost an exact ringer for 'Gucci Rush'. The superior quality of 'X fo W's composition is apparent, so that's why I'm giving it three stars, but really... it's just 'Gucci Rush' in a prettier bottle.
By   - from LA on 4/7/2015
This is a lovely perfume, a soft chypre. My daughter and I both tried it. It's very nice on me. On her, it's beautiful. This is so wonderfully blended that individual notes do not really stand out. Neither of us perceive this as a peach perfume or a particularly fruity one.
By  on 12/22/2014
I think it smells very much like Gucci Rush, I love both!
By  on 8/17/2012
Luscious mostly peach fragrance with a fantastic bell like jasmine note that is quite hard ot catch at times. Strong and very long lasting scent . Truly gorgeous if you love real peachy scents.
By  on 5/29/2012
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