Clive Christian

No. 1 for Men

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about No. 1 for Men...
its ok, not bad not super great. decent scent
By   - Independent Contractor from Spartanburg on 2/23/2021
This smells pleasant until the 7-8 hour dry down phase. It then devolves into a sharp and synthetic scent like the cheap kind of fragrance oils that are sold at Sprouts. That phase is very feminine and last through the next day.
By   - Professional Stand-In-Liner from Phoenix on 5/30/2019
Everyone who mentioned the first hour or so, it smells feminine, is correct. I almost regretted purchasing a sample, until the drydown, I was so confused, thinking I was sent the woman's by mistake. If you can get pass the Topnote/beginning, you may be surprised at how it develops. I still prefer V, my favorite....
By   - Personal Shopper from New York on 10/26/2015
This is WONDERFUL! I'm a woman and while talking to the Clive Christian representative at the counter, and hearing the crazy price of this perfume, i picked it up without hesitation and sprayed it on myself. I feel that the perfumes slated for women smelled a little mature for me, and i love unisex scents, so i picked up the men's No.1 & went for it. OMG! Gorge! It doesn't smell masculine on my skin. I plan to buy this in the future as a splurge or maybe a birthday gift for myself...boy, it is pricey. This will be a gem in my collection.
By   - from Dallas on 3/18/2015
I could buy a bottle for sure even it's way too expensive. but for the 1 hours it smells like a woman's perfume. very irritating to the nose. after 1 hour you can understand the price. there is nothing like that in the world. so warm and sexy.
By  on 4/4/2013
Truly the most greatest fragrance for men ever created. Everything has to be perfect to pull this scent off. It has to be winter time when you where it. You have to be going somewhere important... while looking sexy. Spray 5 to 7 sprays and wait 1 to 1.5 hrs before you leave. It starts off a bit "old lady perfumey" but one hour later, it's amazing. Layers great with X btw. You're welcome.
By   - Jazz Pianist from Pensacola on 8/8/2012
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