C for Men

Eau de Parfum

by Clive Christian

C for Men Sizes Available:
50ml $375
0.7ml sample $6
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Here's what other people are saying about C for Men...
Damn you C! This priceless elixir haunted me for a couple weeks after getting my first whiff of a sample. I kept thinking about it over and over at the most inappropriate moments ... ruminating ... somehow convincing myself that I was incomplete without a full bottle in my life. WTF?! It was stalking me, the scent captured something deep inside me and wouldn''t give it back. Priceless? No, it was $395 for 50 ml. Worth it? I don''t know how to justify that but I absolutely love it top to bottom this stuff is magical.
By   - Vice President of Vices from Huntington Beach on 2/23/2018
Well beyond my price point but quite possibly the most compelling fragrance I''ve yet to encounter. The image of a poet''s library may seem pretentious but it''s actually very much on the nose. It also manages to be just modern enough to keep you going back for another sniff. Incredibly dynamic and harmonious. One more reason why I need a sugar daddy :P
By   - wage slave from Los Angeles on 5/4/2016
Potent, Long lasting, complex. Great stuff !
By   - Architect from San Jose on 5/12/2014
After sampling, I bought a bottle. "C" has quickly moved to one of my top 3 favorites. Complex, wood, spice and citrus, leather and tobacco. I''m stunned at how many compliments I get when wearing it. Worth every dollar.
By   - Architect from San Jose on 2/19/2013
A more interesting version of Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford. Very expensive but it is worth it if you''re a serious collector or if you adore complex leather fragrances.
By   - Jazz pianist from Pensacola on 11/26/2012
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