Tubereuse 3 - Animale

Eau de Parfum

by Histoires de Parfums

Tubereuse 3 - Animale Sizes Available:
60ml $105
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This is a fruity, floral, animalic, leathery incense all at once, with the tuberose right at the centre, providing the focus. After a couple of hours, the tuberose remains, but the surrounding notes have collapsed into a soft, sweet, powdery pillow of tobacco & labdanum. An unusual, complex & easily unisex take on tuberose. Recommended if you find fragrances like Carnal Flower or Fracas too feminine for you.
By   - from southampton uk on 1/27/2013
Tuberose is an magical ingredient but it definitely needs to mixed with other stuff to work its magic. Mix Tuberose with something tart and it smells like petroleum products or rubber. Mix it with some very warm woods and you get tobacco. Tuberose 3 has both, rubber in the opening and warm tobacco in the base. Very masculine scent for this tuberose. I like it.
By  on 1/18/2013
Say it with me, "Elizabeth Arden: Red Door."
By  on 8/22/2012
Ugh my phone cut me I was saying I think TC was the inspiration behind this fragrance with its camphor opening! However, this scent is sweeter with a heavy dose of tobacco. It's drydown is less complicated & also less interesting than TC by Serge Luten, but I would certainly wear it again!
By  on 8/16/2012
I enjoyed this tuberose! It starts off very medicinal & before morphing into a very smoky, honeyed tuberose. It's in the family of Tubereuse Criminelle by Serge Luten. In fact, I would guess TC was the inspiration behind the cam
By  on 8/16/2012
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