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This Is Not A Blue Bottle

Eau de Parfum

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Me oh my oh... I DO try not to write a review until I've spent a day with a scent but I'm not doing that. I totally understand why the previous reviewer bought this after one sniff. It is gorgeous. And unusual. And did I say gorgeous? The longevity is what I'll wait to discover.
By   - writer from Chicago on 1/26/2019
This was love at first sniff. I went to Sephora Abu Dhabi to test new fragrances and I saw this on the shelf. I couldn't stop myself from sniffing this and bought is immediately after the sniff. This has beautiful opening with metallic citrus tinge and aldehydes , very strong opening. Stays that way and projects well for first 2 hours. Then starts setting closer to skin. Awesome performance of 12 + hours on my skin. Definitely worth buying.
By   - IT Consultant from Ahmedabad on 4/13/2016
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