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Not a fan of the top note but it burns off quick and resolves into a very lightly spiced floral. The floral clears the air and attracts attention. The light spicing keeps it interesting without being intrusive. Exquisite. Subtle. Excellent summer fragrance. My wife loves it (wink, wink, nod, nod). LOL
By   - Slaggard from Boston on 6/22/2019
I hate to say it but 1969 does capture the 60’s. But not the dirty feet hippie 60’s. The Beat intellectual meets inner city style in the velvet underground 60’s, where your amber cologne mingled with the musk of the female exchange student from Hamburg while patchouli incense wafted through a basement café just outside Harvard Square. Yeah, it’s nostalgia. But nostalgia with style. And I’ll have another espresso…..
By   - Layabout from Boston on 6/11/2019
I enjoyed this quite a bit. Probably wouldn't buy FB, but would definitely sample again. I don't know what fruit of the sun is supposed to be, but I would pick it if I could find it. This is youthful in a good way... and hard to pin down. I'd say if you like fruity, but don't want things super sweet on the skin, give it a try.
By   - writer from Chicago on 4/18/2017
Hmmm...sort of funny! On my skin this seems a lot like a big Coca Cola spill on a summer day that has been sitting around long enough to get sticky. Not my thing, especially for the price.
By   - Project Coordinator from St. Paul, MN on 8/1/2016
Sublime - for about 5 minutes. Then turns into something more akin to Paris Hilton or Hello Kitty cologne. Why can't they keep the first 5 minutes going???
By   - Lawyer from San Diego on 6/22/2012
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