Fougere Royale

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Outstanding, Timeless !
By   - Dr. from Corpus Christi on 6/27/2020
This fragrance is absolutely stunning. I truly am delighted by the depth, balance, and quiet masculinity of this scent. The sillage and longevity are also remarkable. This is going to become a staple for me... This, Pour Monsieur by Chanel (1955 original) and Eau de Campagne by Sisley (Jean-Claude Ellena 1974) are now my trifecta of fragrance perfection. BRAVO to this fragrance!
By   - Teacher  from Taiwan on 9/18/2016
Ok, with a niche dominate fragrance collection, I know a great quality scent when it comes around. I was debating on this and invasion barbare as they have a similar vibe, I honestly prefer this one, not because you get more juice for a fraction of the price, but Bc it smells so great, the stages unvelop over time. This is truelgbp
By   - Finance  from Indianapolis on 7/10/2016
I had heard this was a classic, the first fougere. I ordered a sample of it on eBay, not knowing that I should have distinguished between the vintage formula and the new one. It was promising when I first sprayed it on. I imagined walking among lush, grassy hills on an overcast day. But the green hills suddenly turned to plastic, and I felt trapped in an artificial world. The scent lingered a very long time. It's day two and I can still smell it faintly. On the surface, it's a "clean" and "masculine" scent. To me, though, there's something sinister about it. It doesn't break down and decompose, like vintage scents do. It's a plastic corpse.
By   - Writer from Roanoke, VA on 5/8/2013
I love this one. I wear it twice a week and get compliments on it almost every time. Classic. Masculine. Excellent.
By   - Architect from San Jose on 2/11/2012
A wonderful remake of an old classic. Nothing weird or artsy about it, just an extremely handsome, good-smelling, impeccable, "tous les jours" scent. The new FR is a great pleasure from opening spritz to drydown. The lavender, which usually characterizes the traditional fougere-type, is actually very restrained here. A slightly tonic lemon dances at the top; the middle is clean, foresty (but not green, per se), slightly spicy with an almost cinnamon-y geranium... just enough!; the base is a sophisticated, slightly ambered, airily dry sandalwood/cedar/vetiver. In the final drydown whispers the coumarin: a pastoral, hay-like smell with pleasantly "oily" notes like black tea. This scent is manly, urbane, suggests impeccable breeding, clothing and grooming. It does hearken to great scents of the past...in the very best way (it reminds me of something my Dad wore in the mid-60's). I read this as a real lady-pleaser, too, in that it smells like a successful, soigne', ironed and buttoned-down businessman. Any man from age 14 to 90 could wear this very handsomely (something one cannot often say of modern offerings). Breathes chic, new life into an old men's formula. Highly recommended.
By   - artist from boerne, TX USA on 8/12/2011
By   - sampler from nyc on 6/16/2011
Ok, I get it - this is a bit of history. Colectors are scrambling. Fougere Royale is a monument to the softest, genltest, powdery, warm, refined fragrance you've ever sniffed. When you smell this close up from one inch away you can make out the individual ingredients but smelled from shoulder distance away it smells like a wonderful old world fougere. It's lighter than Canoe, not as rich as Paul Sebastian, less green that most Fern fragrances but it is Almost identical in smell to Pinaud Clubman - the talc not the tonic. Is the price worth having a piece of history? You can always grab a 9 oz. big green bottle of clubman talc for about 5 bucks - and you've got this!
By   - from the midwest USA on 4/16/2011
Fougere Royale is a lightly sweet, genteel fougere that that hums at a softer tone than many of old fashioned fougeres of barbershop fame. Instead of sweetening with vanilla as is typical with Caron pour un Homme, etc. Houbigant relies only on tonka to warm the base. The floral mix of geranium, rose, and rondoletia adds a gentle floating kind of warmth. The base has a dry wood (patchouli) finish that presents itself after the lavender/floral/tonka fougere aspects have softened. This fougere smells more of a fine highly structured formal flower garden rather than mossy ferns. This version is a whisper of softness and light in a fragrance.
By  on 4/6/2011
This is AMAZING! Who would ever think that a re-issue of a classic master piece would usurp the crown?
By  on 3/11/2011
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