Perfume Sample Gift Set
11 x 2ml $90
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There is niche, and then there is haute. Puredistance is haute. Straight out of the box, and I am already into White, M, and I. THIS is very high quality. This is one of the highest quality fragrances I have ever experienced. Wow.
By   - Medical Sales from Dallas, Texas on 12/11/2020
This is a nice discovery set to get to know Puredistance line. I think is better than buying individual bottles since the price is expensive. You get to sample the whole line and still can play with it. All the fragrances are wonderful and all has excellent longevity and the Sillage is heavy. Since the concentration is around 25 to 32%, you are getting your money worth. The discovery set is equivalent to 16 ml that is close to,the smallest bottle you can buy for $190. This is an excellent deal and great gifts for anyone who loves fragrances. I think most can be wore an unisex.
By   - Healthcare  from San francisco on 6/27/2018
This is a box of pure gold. It has transformed my preconceptions about white flowers such as night blooming jasmine or gardenia being too flowery for me: "I" and "Antonia" are quietly rich and beautiful. And the darker frags like "M" and "Black" are richly spiced and smoked, but mellow. If you live with your significant other, I imagine this would be a rewarding kit to share, check out how they develop on skin types. I carry the box from the bedside table to the coffee table and back again so it's always nearby, I can press the spray once over my wrist, and be taken far away to a lovely somewhere else...
By   - Curator from Los Angeles on 4/19/2018
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