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Discovery Set
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A very curious yet challenging range of fragrances! Major standouts in this set were Forty Thieves (luxurious, exhilarating, spicy oriental with a gorgeous dose of fruits and florals), Amber Absolutely (warm embrace of silky smooth resins), and Harem Rose (gorgeous, naughty, highly polished soliflore). I was excited to try Maduro and Bojnokopff after reading their descriptions, but was unimpressed with both. They smell, in my opinion, nearly identical, and while they aren’t bad at all, they were underwhelming. Lastly, I want to say that the F&M DNA smells, in my opinion, EXACTLY like medicated baby ointment or like thick, pasty state makeup. Reminds me of what one’s mother would put on their rear while sick. Overall not bad though!
By   - Funemployed  from Chicago on 9/4/2021
Confessions of a Garden Gnome is that heat. Fyah, definite standout in my book!!
By   - Self Employed from Miami on 12/14/2020
This serves as an excellent introduction to this niche brand. They are all unisex although some seem more masculine to me. They are all well-crafted and interesting. Charlatan is a real standout: complex, beautiful, and wearable. Amber Absolutely is another favorite.
By   - self employed from NYC on 3/15/2019
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