Capri Forget Me Not


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The development of Capri Forget Me Not is delicious. I'm not a fan of linear perfumes, and this one is certainly not linear. I don't get any fig (for which I'm grateful, I'm figged out), but the mandarin and cyclamen bloom in turn and the mint, which is neither annoying nor too strong, adds to the idea of a breeze. I will do another sample, but right now, I'm thinking its full bottle worthy. Fresh, airy, breezy, and perfect for bringing back memories.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 10/30/2016
I'm transported to a lush island when I smell this. I'm standing on the top of a cliff. The ocean is caressing the land. I've been sunbathing for hours. It has been a long day with almost no wind at all. But then, like a blessed sweet relief, comes a soft, cool breeze. It svipes from the crystal blue sea, through lush green hills where aromatic herbs grow, and glides across my warm skin like a veil of sheer, cool freshness. That's how "Capri Forget me not" smells like. It's a well blended, transparent scent. Slightly green, slightly floral, with a strong misty minty smell. But the mint is not dense or too intense, it's definitely there and the most prominent note in the scent, but it has this breezy, airy quality. Refreshing and lovely!
By   - Artist from Oslo, Norway on 6/21/2016
I thought I would love this but there is something very common in the dry down on me and it is something I detest but cannot pinpoint. I notice it in the air when passing people with perfume gone bad, or maybe never was very pleasant. Maybe wonderful on someone else. I love the notes and the initial experience!
By  on 6/27/2015
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