Fiori di Capri

Eau de Parfum

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Very pretty! I understand the "grandmother" reference -- the opening note is very aldehydic and slightly powdery, immediately drawing comparisons to many popular scents of the past. But whereas those tended to become sharper, louder, and more perfume-y in general, this does the exact opposite. After the first few minutes, Fiori di Capri settles down into one of the loveliest, gentlest, most exquisitely subtle florals I have ever smelled. It comes across as fresh and natural, and all the ingredients seem very high quality. There is a bit of "spice" from the carnation, and the dry down offers a hint of warmth, so there is some complexity to what might ordinarily be a rather linear scent. As a whole, it's impeccably blended, so while all the listed notes are present, absolutely none of them particularly jump out (so even if one, like ylang ylang, isn't your thing, I'd still say it's worth a try). Sillage for the EDT is light to moderate, it wears close, just a few notches above a skin scent, but longevity is very impressive; I can still smell lingers of it up to 16 hours later. All in all, I think this is a fantastically elegant light floral and one I very much recommend!
By   - from LA on 12/18/2014
Fiori di Capri may not appeal to many young ladies, as it has the aura of a *big* perfume, far more suited to women of a certain age in my mind. I held the scent strip to my nose, and I immediately thought "My grandmother!" I meant it in the most positive way I could have, and not in an "old lady" kind of way. My grandmother was chic and charming, a bon vivant, and she was too soon gone. The rich smell of flowers and woods in Fiori di Capri is classic and elegant. The sillage and lasting power is considerable. Rather strangely to me, my husband thought it was very sexy. I told him about my association of the fragrance with my grandmother, and "Nope" was all he said, as he leaned in for another sniff. But he never met my grandmother. I found out since that my close friend wears this too, and she is beautiful, sexy, and not at all a grandmother.
By   - Office from Boston on 10/16/2014
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