Ligea La Sirena

Eau de Parfum

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If you like Guerlain's Shalimar you will like this. Opopanax is not listed as a note, but perhaps when they list "powdery" they mean this. Because it has a Shalimar DNA it carries a somewhat "old lady" style in the scent. But that is classic if you like that style. Well priced, well blended, it won't go out of style.
By   - Writer from Los Angeles, CA on 3/30/2021
Never before has a scent had such an impact on me. One of the most beautiful scents I've ever experienced. Bought my first bottle while in Capri, Italy. Receive compliments every time I wear it- I wish I could smell it constantly.
By   - from Vancouver British Columbia on 1/30/2015
I didn't care for Ligea at all. It smells very similar to the old Lysol disinfectant spray. Not very siren-like, if you ask me.
By  on 5/6/2011
I absolutely hate this... I did not smell any tangerine, rose or powdery notes. It was so overpowering and floral. It made me so dizzy and sick. It was the same way with another scent I sampled in this line. Too bad...
By  on 3/17/2011
Ligea is an unbelievable, haunting fragrance. It's resin and ingredients producing a haunting fragrance that lingers and calls to mind a time when dreams fill you. I was followed by several people asking what it was. Be careful wearing it to bed. It seriously produces wild dreams--I am really serious about this aspect of the scent. It is incredible and a toal MUST HAVE. Buy it and you will be transported today!
By   - Instructor from San Mateo on 2/15/2011
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