Knize Ten Golden Edition

Eau de Toilette

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It's a very nice leather and powdery/floral scent done in a masculine way. But the performance is weak. I've read reviews that all you need is 1 spray to get 10+ hours. But that's not the case. On me (skin and clothes) there is very little projection and sillage. It becomes a skin scent within a few hours. I'm baffled because I read many review that said it's a beastly leather fragrance. I'll be selling my bottle.
By   - CEO from Boston on 1/21/2020
Thank goodness for modern technology, and thank goodness for the wonderful people of Lucky Scent. I'd just about given up hope on being able to ever again get this wonderful fragrance. I've worn Knize Ten since I was a teen, and a very famous attractive older woman told me of it. I loved it's masculine notes, and I loved that I didn't smell like anyone else. It was'unique'. When I 1st heard of Golden Edition, I was only too excited to try this 'updated' version of my beloved Knize Ten. I was very pleasantly surprised. Unlike the 'new Coke' fiasco, in which a literal classic had been thrown aside, in place of something totally different, Herr Gottschalk's 'Golden Edition does NOT take away from it's forbearer - It ENHANCES it.
By   - 'Other' from NYC/Sydney on 9/5/2017
Lovely, dry and woody leather scent with a nice spicy edge and a rather hefty floral presence. While I do like this fragrance, for me it doesn't distinguish itself from the many good leather fragrances out there. For me, this won't replace Bvlgari Black, NellyRodi Bois or SL Daim Blond. Also, I just actually tried Puredistance M and as far as leather fragrances go, that blows Knize away. It's very nice, but just not special enough.
By   - from NYC on 3/9/2011
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