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Perdizione has skyrocketed to my top 10 of all time and I have an entire room full of fragrances! Perdizione is an orange blossom prominent scent with a lot of vanilla and herbal nuances. It is just shy of being gourmand - not foodie or edible but it is quite sweet. I absolutely adore this. It's like a much more natural (not synthetic or syrupy) version of Love Don't Be Shy by Kilian with additional lavender and herbal nuances. If you like things like Seville a l'Aube give this a try. Literally gorgeous and longevity and sillage are decent/moderate. 10/10
By   - Person who must work from NYC on 4/20/2021
A wildly seductive femme fragrance. Unisex? No. Androgynous? Bingo. Melted orange creamsicle during a blistering heat wave. Fantastic.
By   - Student from Sacramento on 7/15/2020
The review by J. Nieves is spot on. If you like to think of fragrences by what they are at their most essential, this is a captivating vanilla. "Done the right way and never overpowering" expresses the sophistication and skill of the scent. I add that I became first attached because the bottle design struck me.
By   - Lawyer from Los Angeles on 8/7/2017
For starters, this is one of the most complete vanilla fragrances I have put my nose in years... you all know that vanilla is one of the most overused components in perfumery, but not in this one... it has a delicious brightness from start to finish, is warm and inviting with enough sugar done the right way and never overpowering. As a true gourmand lover I will say that this is a masterpiece and when I wear it 9 out of 10 people I interact with pays a compliment ! just pure sexiness.
By   - Hairstylist from Los Angeles on 7/11/2016
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