Oud Stars - Alexandria III


50ml $325
0.7ml sample $5
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This fragrance is stunning. The opening is so feminine yet deep and gorgeous. Staying power is quite good as it settles down and the oud comes out more. Not too much as I am not a huge oud fan, but just enough to make a nice impression. Really like this one.
By   - Business from NY on 6/3/2020
First- Oud scents turn on me very quickly, and smell like ammonia crossed with window cleanser. This sample came in a personal scent pack. Within two seconds of putting it on, it was overwhelmingly bitter and strong. I hadn't looked the scent up in advance, or I wouldn't have put it on. Even with soap and water, I can smell it. That said... it's a warm scent, under the oud, and has huge sillage. This will make a large impression.
By   - Business Analysis / IT from St. Louis on 4/16/2020
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