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This has the cold, sweet, creamy smell of an old fashioned bakery but the floral takes the edge off the gourmand (in a good way). A pleasure to wear.
By   - self employed from new york on 2/8/2019
First of all, this may become a 5 star. I get vanilla and the subtle lemony aspect of magnolia, which fades after 10-15 minutes but never completely disappears. I do not get the cocoa - maybe in warm weather? I hope so. The vanilla is there throughout and is beautiful. It never becomes really "foody", though it does get close. Luckyscent is right in that it is sensual.I will have to experiment more with this perfume but I think it could become a love.
By   - retired from Manchester on 1/24/2019
The combination somehow smells like almonds, without the nasty artificiality and tuberose of Hypnotic Poison. It's heavenly. It's delightful and smell it's whole $300.
By   - writer from everywhere on 1/14/2019
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