Pikovaya Dama

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Pikovaya Dama...
I received this as a sample chosen by Lucky Scent from a recent order. WHY GOD WHY did I have to discover this scent?! It is pure perfection in every way... except the price. Soapy, spice, floral, incense, LOVE it. I can't see spending that kind of money though.
By   - Operations Management from Forest Grove on 7/20/2021
Exquisite. Full-scent, and maybe better suited to Fall, or to elegant affairs. For those who don't know, this name is Queen of Spades (in Russian), and is the name of a Pushkin short story.
By   - Program Director from West Lafayette on 7/10/2020
One of the most addictive perfume I've ever wear - so feminine and poetic, but strong and sooo long lasting. I have a passion for sophisticated perfumes, rare and opulent, but not disturbing. This has it all. So sexy and dominant, so elegant and provocative....Needless to say that absolutely everybody asks me what perfume I wear... Thank you, Lucky scent people. You are the best and I'm proud to be your client since...years..
By   - Tv host from Monaco on 12/28/2018
Got a sample of this and fell in love. Soft yet sexy,long lasting.....and then I saw the price ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I should have looked before I fell in love. Oh well I will never get to own it but may get more samples LOL
By   - PIpeliner from Casper on 7/6/2018
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