Oud Stars - Mamluk

Eau de Parfum

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A pleasing and beautifully blended Oriental scent with gourmand, floral and woody aspects, this is definitely the most popular of the Xerjoff Oud Stars line. The perfume opens on a gourmand note with notes of caramel, bergamot and honey. The heart is mainly floral with jasmine, osmanthus and vanilla flower. The perfume settles down into a dense powdery base of Indian (Assam) Oud, musk, benzoin and amber. The perfume is never overpowering. It remains a discreet property or slave of yours (translation of its title), delectably hovering you throughout, with its refined Oriental elegance, caressing your skin for its long stay, and creating a very positive aura around you. Unisex, with very good sillage, projection and longevity.
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 1/27/2019
Honey is the star of the show - it's honey from the first spray to the dry down. It's not syrupy or caramely honey, but rather "hay-ish" honey, resinous and somewhat grassy. There's a bit of light spice and vanilla to round this out, and I find it is wonderful when mixed with a spicy, woodsier companion. I detect zero oud and it has no sharpness whatsoever. It's lovely and unique, but I give it 4 stars for its lack of dimension and evolution.
By   - Small Business Owner from San Jose on 10/21/2017
In love from the first moment. Very mysterious.
By   - Photographer from Dallas on 1/5/2016
I have Mamluk and Zafar from the oud stars collection. I gave Zafar 4 stars but Mamluk is my favorite and lands in my top list. This is like a delicious oud fragrance with notes of carmel and honey that stand out and is very unisex. It's sweet but not oversweet and powdery. May have to get a second bottle of this and stock up.
By   - from Winston Salem on 5/9/2012
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