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Not quite feeling this one either. The bergamot+vanilla is kind of creamsicle even after settling down on my skin. To me this is not the way to do right by sandalwood.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/14/2020
I'm a huge sandalwood fan but this missed the mark for me. Just too sweet. I felt like the vanilla tone was overwhelming and cloying. However, for the record, I do not care for vanilla as bassinet or background note in fragrances. Perhaps it's because they were exceedingly popular during my teen years and in my mind I associate the smell w the less expensive fragrances that were popular then? Not really sure...just know that for the hefty price tag on this perfume I have to love it and I do not.
By   - nurse from Boston on 2/22/2019
I'm a sucker for sandalwood, and this delivers. Definitely sandalwood, but subtle, refined. I absolutely love this fragrance, but my skin eats it up. I asked my partner what he thought of it, and he said he couldn't smell anything, even with his nose right on my neck. If only the projection was greater...
By   - Artist from Atlanta on 11/27/2016
This scent is comforting, velvety and creamy. The combination of sandalwood, vanilla, and white musk are quite dreamy if not borderline gourmand. I'm finding it wears very close to the skin but seems appropriate based on its composition. I'm curious if it were not for the opulent packaging if the price point would be a little different. Lovely, but I think I will just appreciate this scent rather than pay that price to own a full bottle.
By   - Restaurant Owner from Coronado on 1/2/2016
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