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This has become my go to perfume for every day. Light, sweet, I am instantly transported to my happy place when I wear it. To me, doesn’t smell anything like pink sugar – pink sugar for me is just burnt sugar/ caramel that is very loud. This has a lot of finesse with vanilla, coconut, almonds and the like. I also enjoy the fact that I get a decent solution out of this perfume – I can’t smell it up to six hours after spraying.
By   - Life coach, management consultant  from Southern California on 8/30/2018
Similar to Pink Sugar. Super sweet with a chemical spice undertone. It's ok but not for me.
By   - . from TX on 3/2/2017
Yum!!!! I love this! Unforgettable for me! Nice soft and true Winter baking scent.
By   - Actress from Ammon on 9/30/2015
This smell exactly like Pink Sugar- very sweet.
By   - from New York on 2/7/2014
This smells like a sweet, sugary vanilla cookie but without being completely obvious and too young smelling. The almond smell is slight, and it is so yummy!
By   - from Alberta, Canada on 9/30/2013
A great classic scent - creamy vanilla, smooth foamy coconut, harmonious musky-woody sandalwood. This scent flirts with sweetness, and starts out a little heavy on the syrupy side but quickly mellows out when the sandalwood and almond blossom come forward. The floral notes dancing at the top of the scent are fresh and lightly sweet, and harmonize nicely with the base of creaminess and resins. Overall, this is a lighthearted, flirtatious perfume that isn't ashamed to be full-on cute.
By   - Biotech from Providence on 5/23/2013
Went into the ScentBar when I was home for the holidays and had a chance to try a gazillion awesome perfumes. I was truly shocked when Dulcess smelled the best on me. Everyone in the shop agreed...even when compared to perfumes that cost 3 times as much, Dulcess was the best. On me this is a clean, very sweet floral grounded by white musk, toasted almonds, sandalwood and brown sugar. Extremely long lasting (10+ hours) with soft sillage, on me this is far from the tropical scent that is described on Luckyscent. Rather, this is the perfect Autumn afternoon. This is the scent of coming home to a warm kitchen redolent with sweet flowers and freshly baked macaroons after going for a walk in the brisk Autumn air, illuminated by the honeyed gold of late afternoon light. Simply lovely.
By   - Architect from Portland, OR on 11/26/2012
Totally burnt sugar. My husband loves this sugary scent. It is pleasant and not over powering. It works in the sweet scent area.
By   - MBA, CPA from Twin Cities Minnesota, USA on 10/9/2011
Not as creamy as I hoped for. There's a bitter note to it that I can't put my finger on which rubs me the wrong way... Didn't last long either. My recommendation for a creamy gourmand vanilla scent is 'Vaniglia del Madagascar by Farmacia SS. Annunziata dal 1561' :) - DELISH and so so sexy!
By   - from Sedona on 9/23/2011
This is a light gourmand on me. More like sugar cookies baking. I would wear this in December and January.
By   - actress from Ammon on 8/30/2011
The first time and last time I buy a fragrance unsniffed. Had to give up this one to grateful daughter. It is on the level of Pink Sugar and maybe not even up to par as Pink. Didn't work on my skin but might with others. Acqua e Zucchero much better but then you get what you pay for. Need a spanking next time I even consider buying unsniffed esp with todays unstable economy.
By   - Law Enforcement from Alta Loma, Ca on 4/20/2011
Nice light, sweet vanilla with a touch of fruitiness. In the same category as Perfect Veil.
By   - from Los Angeles on 4/15/2011
This one reminds me of lounging on the shore in the Caribbean. The coconut and vanilla are prominent, but they, along with the others dry down quite nicely. Quite alluring.
By   - therapist from NYC on 3/12/2011
Dulcess is so delicate and wonderful. It's feminine and sweet but in a subtle and pleasant way. Not a run of the mill sweet. It has many different elements to it that blend together nicely. I really enjoyed this scent. The only issue was that it didn't last very long.
By   - from Montreal on 2/14/2011
This smells great but faded really fast on me. Too bad :(
By  on 1/17/2011
Lovely gourmand scent. I don't smell any of the sweeter flowers or fruits, but the drydown on this is great...for some reason, I get a light vanilla/almond, with a slightly sweet something in the background. This is great in the heat of summer, but I don't think it has enough effect for Winter, but it is lovely and the almond is the nice kind...not cherry or bitter, but the real thing...slighly dry. I don't get any coconut either, however my SO says it's strong. Summer scent all the way.
By   - from Denver, CO on 8/2/2010
The reviewer(s) who noticed individual notes have better noses than mine, since all I got was: sugar, sugar, sugar. Not the syrup kind but warm, raw, lightly carmelized. it was a uni-smell on me; didn't change to anything else. But it lasted. And something about the raw golden sugar smell was so hypnotic I kept sniffing all day. So this is on my "buy" list.
By   - from Spokane on 7/12/2010
My initial reaction was Scrubber!! I decided to leave it for a while and see what happened, and the thing I hated disappeared and it turned into a beautiful gourmand. I will try this one again by itself and see what happens. I'm giving it a 4 because of the opening.
By   - AV Tech from L.A. on 7/2/2010
This a sweet little perfume. Being a gourmand lover I was sure enough that I would like this that I bought a FB unsniffed. And I do like it. I must say it doesn't necessarily smell like an 'uber-expensive' scent, but don't let that put you off if you like scents that smell like a cloud of sweet musky coconutty vanilla. The almond blossom was strong at first, but it mellows down and becomes a lovely supporting player to the very subtle fruits, and mainly coconut creaminess.
By   - adin from melb on 6/8/2010
Mmmm, this is a great fragrance. Very feminine, very soft, long-lasting, and a little bit powdery. I love it.
By   - from Pittsburgh on 6/5/2010
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