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This smell like a freshly snapped piece of sugar cane for about ten minutes, which was great. But then it tried down into something I can only describe as 1980's drugstore plastic baby doll. You know, the little ones that cost $10 and came apart at the joints. It actually smells good, and it brought back a lot if memories. It was a fun scent experience if nothing else. I won't be buying a full bottle, though, as I'd rather smell like something other than a child's toy.
By   - full time mom from the boonies on 8/21/2014
This fragrance really lives up to its name, it smells like what you might imagine from the name Sugarwood. A slight suggestion of candyfloss is balanced by freshness and with none of the cloying heaviness that bedevil many gourmand perfumes. My only issue is with the assumption that it is necessarily feminine. This could be the new masculine trend
By  on 7/20/2014
I really enjoy this scent! I wish it lasted a little longer on me - but it's really beautiful and feminine without being overdone.
By   - Photographer from Maui on 1/28/2012
I purchased samples of the whole line, and this so far is the best. It is different...SO said it smelled like vanilla cotton candy...actually it's more complex than that...I get vanilla, cedar and a vague sweet sugar/floral. I don't think it will become my signature scent, but it is nice, unusual and fun. Not a summer scent...would be nice for fall into winter. I would purchase a bottle just because I have nothing like it.
By   - from Denver, CO on 8/13/2010
Tried from the sample, and not for me. It didn't seem like a "simple" scent to me--it does seem like a wonderful reproduction of sugar fields: fresh green, sugar, and fresh earth smells. But not what I'd wear in a perfume. More of an adventure in sniffing: "travelogue perfume".
By   - from Spokane on 7/12/2010
very sweet, *very* young, very femme. like wearing simple sugar syrup. for women, might be better layered..?
By   - from Midwest on 7/3/2010
Sweet. My elementary school kids like it.
By   - from st.louis on 5/6/2010
I have been dreaming of a sugarcane scent for a long time and I finally found it! Very tropical and lovely.
By   - Clothing Designer from Los Angeles on 2/23/2010
I imagine this is what Lolita smells like. I will have to give this a low rating, since it really isn't my kind of scent. But for someone who is after almost ester like sweetness, bubblegum, the powdery strawberry sherbet... well, then this is it.
By  on 2/10/2010
When the reviewer below said burnt sugar I was sold! Nothing appeals to me more. I LOVED cdG's now discontinued Burnt Sugar. This does not smell like that it does have a rich fluffy sweetness to it. Id really like to own a bottle.
By  on 2/8/2010
Very sweet and woody. I saw fig as one of the notes and had to try it, I'm quite a fan of fig. Did not detect too much fig, just a sweet note that I assume is the sugar cane. Not something I'd wear everyday but a good scent for a cold winter day. It's a warm and yummy smell, unique.
By   - Teacher from Alpine on 2/7/2010
Not five stars, sorry!
By  on 2/5/2010
AWFUl, could not scrub this off fast enough. Smells like old burnt sugar.
By  on 2/5/2010
sugar,sugary,ordinary,not impressed,pink sugar is better.TG for samples!!
By   - perfume lover from cincinnati on 2/5/2010
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