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Oud - Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum

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OMG! First oud I ever try and I think I love it!! The oppening is great, in my skin smells like a light powder, I don't notice too much patchuli which is okay because I dont like it ?? I like the ouddy woody smell I perceive. Omg I thought I wouldn't like anything else but gourmand, glad I tried. It was a free sample anyways lol.
By   - Medical assistant from York on 10/8/2020
Hard to describe this one...maybe b/c elemi resin is unfamiliar. To me the top notes are very floral, like lily of the valley, then it moves to something a little piercing, I guess that's the cedar. Very smooth, hard to pull out anything recognizable. I would say odd, rather than oud. Overall, kind of a strange honey/resin-y scent.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 3/11/2016
The first thing I thing smelling from the sample vial is oddly cotton candy. It is a sweet and not particularly dark fragrance on me.
By   - Artist from Savanah on 2/2/2016
This is a very different sort of Oud. Soft, luxurious, sophisticated; quite formal in feel. Works for both sexes. Evocative. Projection and longevity are strong. With the soft, silky oud there is a candied sweetness throughout. 5 stars!
By   - Insurance from Olympia, WA on 3/30/2014
This is compellingly delicious. It has that bit of magic, the 'something more' that makes it utterly complete. Its unexpected aspects provide interest while delivering a wholly enchanting experience. Upon hearing my husband's approving reaction (bitter foe of patchouli that he is), I was filled with impish glee at knowing the secret ingredient; wondering if or when I will divulge... Likely I will as it's a testament to this smooth, intoxicatingly elegant triumph.
By   - Executive Assistant from NY on 5/6/2012
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