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Eau de Parfum

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50ml $195
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I have two samples of this scent and I think I'm ready for a full bottle. It smells like being a young girl and having to dive among the folds of a glamorous woman's pink velvet gown at a dinner party to come up with her fork.
By   - Lawyer from Sydney, Australia on 3/11/2016
This starts with a beautiful sweet jammy rose combined with a bright vegetable scent in the opening. After a bit a waxy patch and a slightly rubbery oud breaks into the scene with a subtle, but noticeable entrance. The patchouli gets louder and the benzoin, vanilla and musk show up toward the middle and turn it into a familiar, but lovely metamorphosis of what was started. The deep dry down leaves you with a skin scent containing the remnants of the oud and benzoin and then a leathery saffron makes a whisper of an appearance. Performance is good and I'm so glad I have a fb!
By  on 8/9/2015
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