Les Bains Guerbois

1885 Bains Sulfureux

Eau de Parfum

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This one gets better with 1) warm weather and 2) time. The first spritz I worried I bought "Obsession for Men" & was too '80s/90s masculine but that goes away within 20 minutes and I get a more relaxed, yummier, powdier, sophisticated reveal. It smells best when applied just out of the shower while skin is still warm, which makes sense given its Bain Douches origins!
By   - editor from Los Angeles on 3/9/2019
Wonderfully stimulating fragrance... aromatic, spicy, balsamic, woody. The spiciness is almost-- but not quite-- candy-sweet, deliciously so. As fiery as the notes are, the whole fragrance paradoxically possesses a certain "cool" quality. I love the opening notes of cold black pepper and rosemary, then the heart of sweet spice, cinnamon predominating, laced with a delicate gunpowder-like smoke (that's your whispered hint of sulfur). In the drydown there is a very sly peppermint note that adds aromatic intrigue. This stuff is amazingly good-smelling. Perhaps leans slightly masculine. Gorgeous and suave modern oriental.
By   - artist from boerne, texas USA on 2/28/2019
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