Ralf Schwieger

Country: Germany

As a young German chemistry student, Ralf Schwieger found himself fascinated by perfumery’s unique interplay between science and art. After studying fragrance chemistry in Berlin, he made the move to Grasse, where he threw himself fully into training as a perfumer at Roure. While he has produced big-time fragrances in stints for YSL and Hermes (where he created Eau des Merveilles and many of its best-known flankers), he has a passion for the creativity and playfulness of niche perfume, as evidenced by his work for iconoclastic houses such as Etat Libre d’Orange, where he created Fils de Dieu and The Afternoon of a Faun, as well as cult favorite producer Atelier Cologne, for whom he designed the much-loved Orange Sanguine.

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