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A great scent from a great house. This is the most natural neroli fragrance on the market and BY FAR the longest lasting. Spray on your clothes and you will smell it all day (but be careful!! it has a high oil concentration); 6-7 hours on skin. The opening is strong and pungent but don't let that worry quickly settles down and becomes that rare thing: a long-lasting, refreshing scent. Because neroli fragrances are my favorite type, I own alot of them: IMHO, this is the best. Leans toward the "beachy-clean" type of neroli rather than the white floral type; because of that I would classify it as a more masculine neroli. A great and underrated scent...should be talked of more often than it is.
By   - Professor from Cincinnati on 7/26/2021
great start with neroli impression as i remember but now it is cologne performace it used to be a perfume sillage and strength performace. not worth the price anymore. as far as oz to performance to dollar ratio. nothing here justifies what it used to be to what it is now and the price. if youre buying it now youre being underserved and overpaying . this perfume used to have a bracing strong neroli that lasted along with the basenotes lasting with strength. i wonder if inflation is the culprit but i just dont want to buy a whisper an echo, a photocopy, i need the real full ART-piece the original meant to be, not the way accountants see to deliver. mind you this is happening to most, not all thank true perfume artists, perfumes.
By   - rich from saturn on 2/4/2019
Like pure Neroli oil, unfortunately it lasts about as long on my skin and costs about as much. The base note is ok. tolerable woodiness but kind of meh.
By   - teacher from Chi on 5/19/2016
This went on very fresh and citrus-y and then softened into something much sweeter, like toasted marshmallow. Not TOO sweet, just delicious. I couldn't stop smelling myself.
By   - from Boca Raton on 9/19/2013
Stunning orange blossom! Sweet citrus rounded out with myrrh - it lasts for hours! This is a warm, full scent that conveys the brightness of citrus without veering into sourness, sharpness or bitterness. The myrrh deepens the scent, providing a base that is not soapy or overly floral. It is rich but not cloying. I have tried many orange blossom scents - this is my favorite.
By   - nurse from philadelphia on 2/23/2013
This is by far my favorite orange blossom fragrance, and I've sampled alot! I like it even more than Serge Lutens orange blossom frangrance. It smells exactly like orange blossoms without other disrupting notes like Serge Lutens. The silage is much better as well. You get a little hint of wood of orange which gives it a slight fruity sweetness that compliments the orange blossom without being overwhelming. The myrhh warms and grounds the frangrance. I want to buy a full bottle, but the price is killer.
By   - from Reading, PA on 2/13/2013
Profumum and I don't usually get along. I get sucked in by an amazing description and usually end up trying to scrub their offerings off my skin. NOT THIS TIME. Not a single solitary trace of disappointment, ick, or headache here. If I win the lotto I want to take a bath in this stuff! Gorgeous orange-y floral that plays nice with my skin. I want this.
By   - A/V tech from Los Angeles on 12/4/2011
Cologne-like & fresh, blue skies & sunshine, sharp without being bitter, very refreshing on a humid summer's day. It slowly becomes warmer, more floral & slightly woody, then a metallic note kicks in which spoils it for me. Sillage is good but it fades fast, not worth the price for me.
By   - from southampton uk on 9/12/2009
What a beautiful scent, fruity, a little bitter,a bit more wood, and lots of heat. I have also Profumum Aqua Viva and both are my favorite scents. The very summer days Aqua Viva and for more Netherlands weather Neroli.
By   - from Netherlands on 4/21/2009
quality ingredients--but I get no orange blossom whatsoever on my skin. The myrrh is overwhelming at first, then settles down into something okay but unremarkable. Not worth the expense in my opinion. Sample first.
By  on 9/14/2008
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