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Pleasant and neutral, but nothing to write home about. Inoffensive at work, but unexceptional.
By   - Writer from Denver on 9/2/2018
Love at first sniff! I love this lemon confection scent!
By   - Actress from Ammon on 9/30/2015
I really did like this scent - it reminded me of a yummy lemon meringue pie my Mum makes - lightly whipped, creamy, lemony goodness....BUT ...it hardly lasted for 10 minutes on my skin!! I wish it was stronger because it is so delicate...I wanted to sniff it all day long but it faded very quickly. I think it is quite similar to the new yellow DKNY 'Sweet Delicious' fragrance called Creamy Meringue which has notes of lemon cream and Crepe Suzette!
By  on 4/12/2012
I only smell lemon and osmanthus. It's ok but not a total wow. At least not on me. It's sunny and warm but the lemon keeps it tart as well. hot weather friendly.
By   - from Montreal on 9/12/2011
This is essentially a candied lemon scent, its quite sweet and also simplistic. Its pretty and Luckyscents description is correct, unfortunately this is a little too sweet and forgettable for me.
By   - admin from melb on 11/4/2009
This is a just a great, warm and pleasant scent - a perfect uplifter and yes very sunny indeed. A perfect perfume when you are looking for something that is just easy going, pretty with no drama. A great daytime scent.
By  on 1/16/2009
Sorry - I wish I could delete earlier posting - this is what happens when you order 5 samples at once and don't keep them straight. This scent is VERY PRETTY. Some lemon but more candied strawberry - so on the fruity side but not "in your face" fruit. Subtly sweet and delicious. Can't wait to try again.
By   - grad student from chapel hill on 11/24/2008
Cotton-candy mixed with a dash of sour lemon drop. If you love really sweet scents, this one's for you. Just didn't work for me.
By   - grad student from chapel hill on 11/24/2008
Used up 2 sample vials and immediatley ordered a full bottle. Love this fragrance. It's the perfect scent to lift up my mood. :)
By   - from Laguna Niguel, CA on 11/2/2008
A fruity but not in your face FRUIT(!) scent....apricots, a touch of vanilla and lemon....verrrry light (almost invisible) amber....I'm smelling mostly apricots and vanilla. Interesting composition of notes but it works!
By  on 9/29/2008
I loved this and I am not a sweet lover. I found this playful and charming. I kept reapplying this all day and now will have to buy a bull bottle.
By   - R.N. from Pembroke on 9/28/2008
sweet scents usually aren't my thing, but this one was quite pleasant. it had just enough sugary goodness to it, without being overpowering. i don't really smell the lemon like in the description, which i am thankful for. don't think i'll buy the bottle though
By   - from chicago on 9/15/2008
I usually hate citrus perfumes, but this one smelled so good that i emptied my vial in one day! (which i never do). I think it does match the decription, but I wouldnt buy it only because I havent ever loved sour smells or tastes. It's not too sour, it just has a touch of sharpness that would keep me from purchasing, but I think that's just a citrus thing. Fig Tea's dry down is similar to this, without the sharpness-try fig tea and wait 30 minutes, it's amazing!!
By   - stay home mommy from dewey, ok on 9/10/2008
Ugh ... this stuff is sickeningly sweet and cheap-smelling. I usually find Lucky Scent's reviews to be pretty spot-on, but, seriously, there is nothing "luminous" about this -- just a cloying lemon and sugar combo that, thankfully, fades quickly.
By   - teacher from Syracuse, NY on 9/9/2008
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