Lilac Love

Eau de Parfum

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This is a really pretty lilac-gourmand (whipped cream & sugar) blend. There's not a single "off" note here (at least on my skin), but it is a little bit boring? Sweet, pretty, feminine, nothing edgy here whatsoever. But then again, creating a truly perfectly balanced floral gourmand and really getting the lilac scent across is nothing to sneeze at.
By   - does as she pleases from Brooklyn, NY on 11/2/2020
Beautiful fragrance. At first, the dry down was cool and watery. It took ten-fifteen minutes to open up to a light but complex flowery powdery tinged with honey scent Well balanced. Nothing overpowering. Really lovely. Good sillage. Perfect for Spring and Summer.
By   - Health Counselor from Los Angeles on 5/19/2020
I wanted to like this-I really did. It’s a soft floral scent with a slight note of a cleaning product-a dryer sheet or fabric softener. I gave it one star instead of two because of its price. For that amount, I expect more. Maybe just not a good fit for me.
By   - Counselor from Los Angeles on 6/10/2019
You're a living detonation, a continuous explosion of chocolate milk, echoed by concussion waves of sharp white flowers and vanilla bean. You don't make sense. You're a bag of cacao powder thrown into a garden of heliotrope, picked apart by children and their sticky Play-Doh fingers. You're a fantastical anomaly, and that isn't necessarily a good thing. Lilac Love by Amouage.
By   - Engineer from Cincinnati on 3/17/2018
Gosh! I wanted to love this, would love that pretty purple bottle but I just can't! Super strong opening, big blast of straight up baby powder. This is not gourmand on me at all, not even close. I get nothing but floral baby powder. No cacao, no vanilla. So sad.
By   - IT from Texas on 2/2/2017
I so wanted to love this fragrance - if for nothing else than I'm a sucker for a purple bottle. I'm an Amouage fan but this is just not for me. Perhaps it's the cacao, tonka bean, and vanilla. It's a bit too gourmand for my tastes; and frankly, it smells like anything I might find in a department store. Pretty but not terribly inspired.
By   - ORM Specialist from Chippewa Falls on 11/4/2016
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