Extrait de Parfum

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So, this is..kinda beautiful? Why I’m surprised? Fragrantica notes burnt rubber/leather which I also unhappily detected. But when I actually wore it, what kept wafting from a slight distance was absolutely addictive, carnal- kinda beautiful. The harder-to-digest notes morphed into a sensual musk w/bitter almond. It's an alchemical elixir that is more black/purple/gray, even forest green, than the sunny color it fools us with. It's for cooler, crisp air. Summer might kill its magic. It's Snow White, still sweetly fragrant as she is banished from the castle, heading into the cold, snowy & smoky woods w/the huntsman by her side smelling of leather & rubber: savage, beautiful, a bit disturbing, and yet, you can't quite resist this twisted story
By   - Shrink from NYC on 10/21/2018
I got my sample today and this is a very close dupe to Soleil de Jeddah. Smells a little more woody, a little less nuanced but I instantly recognized this perfume . I remember Soleil de Jeddah coming to my mind. Very similar but Soleil de Jeddah is still more beautiful .
By   - homemaker from D.C. on 4/25/2018
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