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This fragrance is a delicacy. Powerful and seducing.
By   - Sales Executive  from Minneapolis on 1/1/2021
I think this scent is so underrated - it is so elegant, sophisticated, has a fantastic sillage (like all Nasomatto perfumes). It's a perfume for grown up, sensual woman who grabs a bull by the horns and has no apologies. Such a good contradictory formula, fresh and chirpy, yet so no-nonsense perfume.
By   - Design director from Shanghai on 4/3/2016
Smells, sharp, expensive, Italian, spicey; not quite as distinctive as (the very special) Black Afghan & Pardon. I prefer, to this, Hindu Grass, as it has significant similarities but more divine.
By  on 5/8/2015
this new Nasomatto scent, Blamage, is difficult to describe. I find it soft, almost delicate, with an underlying narcotic element. On me it starts out with fruit and sandalwood, then dries down to something layered and slightly animalic. It lasts forever and changes over time. Not much sillage, but if a person gets up close they can smell the sex.
By   - research from minneapolis on 9/20/2014
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