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Into The Void

Eau de Parfum

Into The Void Sizes Available:
75ml $285
0.7ml sample $6
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Licorice shading to a vast, hazy cedarwood heart. Tonka and orchid give it a feeling not of openness but the kind of blackness that’s almost tangible, like a moonless night in deep country. A tarry note midway through the heart adds another layer of darkness and viscosity. I like it, but suspect this one will have to wait in my collection for late fall and winter, peeking out occasionally for SpaceX launches and stargazing parties.
By   - editor from Seattle on 3/26/2018
This goes on with strong notes of fuel and synthetically sweet patchouli but mellows out to a modern, masculine cedar. Dry down is super long, you'll still be smelling it on you the next day. Also check out Super Cedar by Byredo which could be this scent's twin brother.
By   - artist from los angeles on 12/7/2016
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