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This is what I always wanted Hypnotic Poison, Deep Red, Black Opium, Killer Queen, Black XS,...to be,..and it's the perfect combination of all of them! Mmmm... has the alluring sexiness of Hypnotic Poison, but the powdery almond drydown is replaced with kick-ass tuberose. The effect is mesmerizing and, for me, more wearable, less dramatic. I find this smells like it has vanilla, to my nose, but it's a sensual scent, not a run-of-the mill body-spray vanilla at all. It does smell delicious.
By   - Teacher from PHOENIX on 2/9/2020
I usually wear spicy orientals, incense, dark gourmands, or sandalwood. And my workday scent is Almost Transparent Blue by A Lab on Fire. Which is hinoki-citrus. So, when I say I'm not a sweet perfume person, I mean that. And yet, I love Mmmm... It's ridiculously sweet but not in the teen celebri-scent way that's sort of sticky-sugary purple flower. No, Mmmm... is a fruity-floral with vanilla stirred into a grown-up woman's patchouli and tuberose. It's whimsical, silly, and sexy. It's like nothing else I have, and I spray it on when I want to boost my mood. It lightens up my otherwise dark collection and serious disposition. I wish it lasted a little longer -- it's about 6 hours on my skin.
By   - academic from Tempe, AZ on 5/3/2017
i thought I'd really like this but...no. Opening was fruity then rosey and reminded me of Stella. Then it just became sickening candied rose. I tried to be patient but after an hr it was a scrubber for me. I couldnt take it anymore.
By   - . from Texas on 2/19/2017
wow - what can I say but mmmmmm!!!! It is fantastic. Delicious. Warm, rich, fruity, sexy! I love it!
By   - Government from Abu Dhabi on 12/28/2016
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