Eau de Parfum

by Juliette Has a Gun

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Here's what other people are saying about Romantina...
For me this is the perfect late autumn and winter perfume. I am typically someone who wears florals (rose, lily of the valley, jasmine etc...) but this really spoke to me. Its moody and beautiful and makes me feel relaxed when I wear it. I think the scent layers are perfect. This is what I wanted so many Tom Ford and Chanel fragrances to smell like. this is way better.
By   - designer from Chagrin Falls on 2/1/2017
I must be one of the lucky ones, this smells fabulous on me. It's warm, musky, sexy, dark rose and patchouli perfectly in balance, and it's a man magnet. Everyone who has stepped into my office has said "What smells so good in here?" That's enough of an endorsement for me. :)
By   - human resources from denver on 4/4/2016
This is definately a try before you buy. I am so surprised to see that this has reacted negatively with some people's body chemistry. It is so beautiful if it works with your skin... and on my skin is where I prefer the fragrance. It evolves on the skin, but does nothing on clothing. I only give it 4stars as longevity could use some improvement. However, Romantina is not like other offensive, overpowering, smothering-sillage florals so it's a pleasure to re-apply this one throughout the day. I am glad i didn't read the notes or reviews on this fragrance, as I NEVER would have tried it. The two notes that send me screaming in the opposite direction are rose and patchouli. What a pleasant surprise this has been. I LOVE this perfume. On my skin it is a silk dress gliding over skin that has been freshly cleaned with expensive soft-rose soap (cliche,yes. but an exact description) It is soft enough for daytime, but sexy enough to go into the evening. BEAUTIFUL
By   - from Canada on 4/15/2013
Oh dear. No. Loud rose and orange blossom over white musk. While obviously a quality fragrance, overall effect is department store mediocrity. Pass.
By   - from Oregon on 10/13/2012
Oh dear. No. Loud rose and orange blossom over white musk. While obviously a quality fragrance, overall effect is department store mediocrity. Pass.
By   - from Oregon on 10/13/2012
Even though "Romantina" is meant to be less brash than "Lady Vengeance", it came across as much harsher on my skin. I got darker rose and sharp-edged jasmine lightly layered over iron (as opposed to copper, aluminum or steel) in the first fifteen minutes. After that, the scent was nearly all metal and smoke--and I don't mean the sleek blue steel and gunpowder this series is meant to evoke. Gunpowder isn't necessarily a bad thing in a fragrance--"Lady Vengeance" twines it 'round her fingers like a ribbon and uses it to flirt--but in "Romantina" the scent was more sulphurus than smoky, nearly industrial in tone...with overt, nearly grinding iron at the borders. Based on others' reviews here, it may be simply bad skin chemistry, or possibly even a bad sample--but based on reviews elsewhere I'd say my experience isn't necessarily unique.
By   - Student from Springfield, IL on 8/22/2012
I am really liking this. I smell rose, not orange blossom or vanilla, but I get the vetiver and patchouli . . . pretty good
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 8/18/2012
The top notes of the fragrance are divine! I wanted to lick my arm it was so good. To me it had an earthy warm honey top note. The top notes were good enough to make me swoon. I'm shocked note see honey listed in the notes! The Dryden is slightly less spectacular, but it drys down to a warm musky jasmine! Full bottle worthy for me! If you don't appreciate a heavy musk this is not the scent for you!
By  on 8/16/2012
The lady at the store sprayed some on a paper for me and I still have the paper in my make up bag. Its been almost a week and the smell is still there. This is such a beautiful scent and I don't know what it is, but I adore it.
By   - from Toronto on 6/18/2012
Got the tester for free and tried it. The smell was fine the first day. But on the next day UGH! I couldn't wash it out from my wrist. I could feel it on my sweater. The smell was so strong... Try sample first!
By   - from San Francisco on 6/6/2012
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