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Midnight Oud

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This is really gorgeous but has very little staying power on me. While it does last, it's one of the most beautiful, balanced perfumes I've smelled in a long time. Interestingly I see most of the reviewers here saying it's too strong for office wear, as compared to JHAG's more recent release Another Oud - I feel the exact opposite. On me, Midnight Oud very quickly mellows into something really smooth and pleasant, while Another Oud retains that strong, funky-dirty oud smell a LOT longer.
By   - SAHM from Brooklyn on 4/2/2017
I am a Musk lover and first came across Oud fragrance after sampling Kilian Musk Oud. I was hooked and wanted to find out more about this mysterious scent. I saw where you could sample a few of JHAG fragrances and noticed that two of them were Ouds. I tried Midnight Oud first and stopped there. I cannot say enough about this fragrance. I'm not great with perfume vernacular , but I know what I like and this one is much loved. I like variety too much to say this is the only one I will wear, but I love it on me. It lasts all day and lingers much longer on fabric. I haven't been this happy with a fragrance purchase in a long time. I'll have to give the others a try sometime, but I think I will wait a while.
By   - Hospital Billing Specialist from Cleveland on 2/12/2017
I am not going to go into dry down, etc. This is the NICEST perfume I have come across in quite a while. I was at a car dealership the other day, as I was leaving, one of the techs ran after me to find out what I was wearing - he said it was the nicest perfume he ever smelled and wanted to get it for his wife. It is woodsy, the rose & oud are in perfect balance.
By   - Technical Writer from Flanders on 1/13/2016
The reviews for this perfume were positive (hence influencing my decision to sample) and I agree with most of them. I felt that the top notes and the initial 15-30 minutes of this perfume were a bit too powerful for my liking - there was a lot of smokey heady rose, cloying saffron and heavy woodsy spice. The dry down, however, is superb. It is powdery on me and I can smell patchouli and a soft rose. It has ok sillage (quite overpowering at first but then very soft) and ok lasting power - I would say I would need a further application after about 5 hours. It is warm and musky and very comforting. I'm not sure yet if I would buy a bottle but I do love it because, in the end, it was not headache-inducing or cloying or too try-hard. Definitely not an overtly masculine fragrance. I am yet to wear a JHAG fragrance that isn't lovely.
By   - Research from Perth, Western Australia on 10/26/2014
One of the most gorgeous oriental Roses I've ever smelled. The geranium and saffron are incredible here, and the dry-down is a little barnyard (which I love). Great projection, good development and superior longevity. A must-have for fans of true orientals. **And yes, complete strangers will ask you what you're wearing. It's that good.
By   - Specialist on 4/28/2014
I few years ago I lived in the Middle East and enjoyed and admired the beautiful scents wafting from the men and women of the area. This dark, exotic potion is exactly what I remember the local attars to smell like! I regret now not having purchased a suitcase full and bringing it back home with me. BTW the bottles and boxes that they come in are worth the price alone! Gorgeous
By   - from Tucson on 12/23/2013
I got a sample of this perfume because I just finished a bottle of "Lady Vengeance" by Juliet Has A Gun (which I absolutely loved but just wanted to try something new). I LOVE Midnight Oud!!! It is AMAZING! But...at first it very closely resembles Rose Oud by Kilian (I am not mad though because it is not as overpowering and less than half the price :-))! After it settles, the rose comes out stronger and the scent slightly resembles Chloe by Chloe. Overall it is a very sexy, feminine scent...perfect for the colder months! Oh, and did I mention it really stays on? It does...for HOURS!!!!
By   - fashion from los angeles on 10/12/2011
I usually fiind oud heavy to wear but this is just right. It's lighter than the traditional oud and has great lasting power. It's perhaps a bit of a mature fragrance.
By   - Pharmacist from London on 1/24/2011
The initial impression is too rubbery for my taste. It makes me feel like I am being prepped for surgery and I can almost hear the new syringes and surgery tools being unwrapped and taste the chalkiness of the gloves. That said after the drydown, it becomes sleek and elegant. Not too overwhelming with a mass of different scents like a teenaged girl who doesn't know who she wants to be when she grows up, but more like a woman of the world who knows her place......however it is really really really hard for me to get over the initial rubber medicinal smell.
By   - Administrator from Florida on 12/28/2010
Pure Love! The oud is beautifully treated – classy and non-offensive. I grew up in Dubai so for me oud is an old and dear friend and this perfume evokes fond memories. One word of caution though, Midnight oud can be bombastic if one gets spray happy; so I’d say two spritzes on the wrist and one on the neck and you have sillage that lasts about 5-6 hours. Montale fans may not be intrigued, as this is very different than any of the Montale oud’s I’ve tried. They are good perfumes but to me they just do not smell like the oud one would find in the Middle East.
By   - Financial Analyst from Houston, TX on 10/18/2010
I am wearing the sample vial today and absolutely love it. This scent to me is more of a masculine fragrance rather than a unisex scent; under the luckyscent website it is catagorized as a femme/unisex scent with a leaning towards the women. It's NOT, it is more of a masculine scent with rose included. Midnight Oud opens with an odd rubbery facet [ I suspect it is the saffron] which makes this a unique and different Eau De Parfum. This odd facet gives this cologne a unique somewhat sharp aspect, different, quite nice. It sounds odd but do not think of "rubber" as brash or putrid. Midnight Oud is actually a linear scent. When the top notes start to fade, the rose and title note, Oud, become more prominent and stay this way through the drydown, they do soften and become a little more powdery. I would wear this scent during the Fall/Winter months, out-on-the-town, to clubs, or to a nice dinner date. This is a trendy scent, not elegant or urbane, but fun, trendy, in-the-now fashion fragrance. I do highly recommend this Eau De Parfum for those of you who love the Oud aroma as I do.
By   - from Gaithersburg on 3/26/2010
This fragrance is first . . . glowing warm and stinky saffron to introduce roses. Saffron is kind of sharp and kinky, a little naughty. Its saffron then roses with a little warmth from amber all floating on an ether of oud. Oud is that vacant dry leather scent that floats underneath it all. Any woman with a gun scares me a little - I kind of like it!
By   - . . .  from Norman, Oklahoma on 1/29/2010
I love it, all my favourite fragrances in a bottle. Had lots of comments today. Not unlike Dark Rose by Czech and Speake initially, but then it turns all smokey, rosey and oudy on my skin. And the exchange rate is great at the moment too!
By  on 10/29/2009
Well, I can't believe it. I have searched high and low, expensive to cheap, for the perfect oud scent, and here it is. It just amazes me that the utterly pretentious and sublimely stupid "Juliette Has a Gun" (who came up with that ridiculous name and obviously thought it was really "cool"?) has actually delivered. This perfume is simply gorgeous. I was walking in a botanical garden, observing the flowers in bloom and a fellow walker came up to me and said, "Oh, it is YOU that smells so good. I thought it was something in the garden". If that is not ultimate praise, I don't know what is. Very highly recommended.
By   - attorney  from Los Angeles on 10/22/2009
This fragrance is definitely worth sampling, and in my case, worth buying. Compared to Montales and Dark Rose, I like this one better. The first 30 min is so-so, but the middle and dry down is wonderful. This is more of a powdery oud (on my clothes). Very nice. Bravo!
By   - F Analyst from San Jose on 10/8/2009
This is surprisingly smokey and not for the faint hearted. It is definitely not my first choice for the line. I was indeed disappointed
By   - Instructor from San Mateo, Ca on 10/5/2009
Best in this line, gorgeous wearable Oud. Love this one......
By  on 9/30/2009
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