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Bubblegum Chic opens with a hit of tuberose and red fruits. The balance is carefully constructed. As the fruits give way to Jasmine, a Gardenia-like white floral comes out to play. It does smell like bubblegum but in a classy way. I have been searching for a decent jasmine scent for years and, stumbled across this gem by chance. Worth every cent.
By   - engineer from RYDE on 4/10/2020
Love this, it doesn't smell like hubba Bubba although that might not be a bad thing either, it's just wonderful sweet bubblegum scent and is a good mood lifter, I love Luckyscent, I find they have amazing variety and the samples are always fresh, ordered more of this one too
By   - Banker from Medicine Hat on 3/16/2019
I have over 250 fragrances currently in my collection and my tastes are wide-ranging. I pick according to my mood when I wake up, the season, and where I am heading on any given day. Whenever I spray this, I am without fail instantly uplifted. Bubblegum Chic conveys an air of pulled together playfulness. I always get compliments and I always seem to have an ease-ful day when I wear this. I do, however, think this is a fragrance you have to be able to pull off. You know how you may assume someone is wearing cubic zirconia when they are really wearing diamonds and vice versa? It is really about the total package with this scent, in my opinion.
By   - Professor from NYC on 1/7/2019
This is pure unadulterated girly fun. Want to be an orange county housewife? Something sweet and chic? This is it. A marvelous bubblegum tuberose to lighten up any mood. Instant giggle in a bottle.
By   - FragranceConcierge from Phoenix on 4/24/2017
This is my go-to perfume when I just want to feel feminine and gorgeous and ready to make a statement. It does smell just like bubble gum, and it's not for the faint of heart. I rarely wear this around my husband as he can't stand perfume--and this isn't a scent you can really get away from. Probably not great for offices, airplanes, movie theatres or anywhere you'd have a captive audience. But if you're out and about having lunch with girlfriends, shopping, or partying, it's delightful.
By   - Writer from Austin on 9/13/2015
I adore this. It smells like bubblegum and tuberose. I can't imagine something more feminine. The price is a little more than I'm comfortable with but since it's parfum, it just may be worth it. I think this is something I'd ask for as a gift, too indulgent just for a regular purchase.
By  on 7/11/2015
bubblegum chic has become my new and current fav becos (to me) it smells like big league chew . when i was in little league baseball i used to eat that stuff like crazy ; rip open the pouch , reach in and grab a giant handful and pack as much as i could in my mouth and then fold it back up into the pocket inside my catchers chest guard. this perfume opens with a huge , opulent gardenia that very quickly unfolds to a non green tuberose thats followed by jasmine , yet at the same time it very much smells like the original big league chew , all pink and shredded up in a moist pouch . its completely fascinating to me how it smells very much of tuberose/gardenia/jasmine but also like bubblegum . the 2 arent really mixed either , its both all at once . the intensity of the tuberose and jasmine create this sweet pink bubblegum accord but it can also be perceived as a bold white floral too . ive never encountered a perfume quite like this . im a guy btw and ill wear any perfume if i genuinely like the way it smells regardless of who it may be marketed towards . ill admit that it may lean slightly to the feminine side but the tough guy images on the front of big league chew pouches would punch me if i said they smelled like a girl . bubblegum chic is totally unique and very well done . gotta give this a high 5 stars
By   - nakee pizzaboy from chicago on 8/31/2013
A beautiful, intense Gardenia with a soft drydown of, yes, fruity bubblegum. Not synthetic smelling, not cheap smelling, and not for tweens, this is a sophisticated and beautiful perfume with an ironic and fabulous name. A very feminine jasmine/gardenia/tuberose without the animalic qualities they can sometimes have.
By  on 8/17/2012
I have no idea why they named this Bubblegum Chic. A name like that evokes a lighter, girly scent. This is anything but. Although it doesn't list gardenia as a note, on me it opened up with a bit hit of gardenia. It settles into a fruity area but it's like no fruit I've known-- not juicy, not fresh, not lively. To me it's a damp, woodsy perfume. I'm sure this suits someone; just not me.
By  on 7/10/2012
Smells like Bergman's Black Gardenia on me.
By   - from Long Island, New York on 7/9/2012
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