L de Lubin

Eau de Toilette

by Lubin

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On my skin, the spicy nature of the fragrance emerges from the citrus in just a few moments and lasts for hours. The ''elegant floral'' and ''sultry resins'' notes blend into a soft, smooth whole that gives a spicy impression without any of the sharpness or foodiness that many other spicy scents have. I can''t make comparisons to other 70s scents, but I like smelling like this now.
By   - healthcare quality assurance from Wisconsin on 5/3/2009
Ugh....a classed up version of an overpowering 70''s Avon-esque scent. Nail polish remover. The lemon just sits aggressively on top of a very retro powdery incense with nothing bridging the two. Just awful.
By   - stay at home mom from Atanta on 1/15/2009
The first thing that strikes me about this scent is how well it''s crafted. It flows seamlessly from the bright lemony open through the lush floral middle into the chypre-like drydown.This definitely does bring back the ''70s. It''s a bit of a time capsule in a bottle. You can see it''s a cousin to the everywoman scent of the ''70s, Charlie, but it''s so much more refined and less in your face. Lemony scents were huge in the ''70s, and L''s lemony open speaks of its era as well.There is a fleeting ''skunky'' impression as the florals fade down to the base notes. But unlike the previous reviewer, I find that it adds depth to the scent rather than ruins it. Again, skin chemistry is a crazy thing, and while mine mutes it, other folks'' may magnify it.
By   - Energy Analyst from Denver, CO on 12/5/2008
Starts off with a mix of florals and incense, then gets really STINKY! If you like this type of scent, it is well made. Definitely reminds me of scents from the ''70''s. Nostalgic!
By  on 11/16/2008
Clear lemon top notes (sweet, not sour), but overall a strong floral with chypre base. Too much floral for me but if you like heady florals I''d try it. Definitely not a single note floral!
By   - Stay at Home Mom from Maryville, TN on 11/7/2008
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