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"One way ticket from Los Angeles to Vienna in December. Sophia Loren’s hair. The pinnacle of elegance. Pam Grier on a shag carpet. A hope for winter love. Faintly sweet, still warm. Soft focus. A strap slipping off. Pearlized seashell bedroom set with comforter. Warm cream. Oiled skin. Waking up after a disco nap. “This is no ordinary love.” -AW Other notes: In my top five fragrances of all time, one of a kind, showstopper. Many compliments with this one.
By   - Artist from Pittsburgh on 12/4/2018
Voluptuous banana lactones with creamy musk and teak dry-down. Decadent, but not at all treacly or juvenile. It reminds me of one of my other favorites, Dzing!, but much less animalic. As smooth as a milkshake on the bridge of the Enterprise.
By   - designer from western MA on 9/16/2018
You're a kitten, drinking sweet milk, snuggling up against your cat momma on the leather sofa, slowly purring your way to sleep. Korrigan by Lubin.
By   - Engineer from Cincinnati on 3/17/2018
This is on my list of favorites. Smells different after awhile on me. Actually smells like Playdough, in a good way. I can still smell this one at the end of the day. Fresh and powdery.
By   - Administrator from York on 1/22/2016
An adult gourmand. Musky salted caramel with a slightly boozy quality. I'm not getting obvious woods or leather. The ambergris adds that salty, almost minerally /iodine effect. Smells fairly natural and is more subtle than it sounds. Would make a nice, sensual, cool weather skin scent. I wish my skin smelled like this naturally. I tested at night and it was still evident in the morning. If it came in a smaller amt, I would consider it, but I really don't need 100ml of anything these days.
By   - from NYC on 8/23/2015
blast of bitter wood then sweetens up to a rich musky cream. I do get the leather and some silvers of fruitiness, the ambrette? the bitterness gradually backs up for depth as it wears down.
By  on 5/11/2015
EGADS is this stuff great! The description above it spot on. Somehow, it is both weird (in a GREAT way) and deeply comforting. It's like Chanel's Sycomore inspired some kind of alien tree.
By  on 5/6/2015
For fun, and not expecting too much, I filled out the Luckyscent questionnaire about personal preferences in fragrance (and life). Not only did one of the fragrantistas respond, her first recommendation - Korrigan -of a scent for me was perfect. I love unusual fragrances - I'm so not a floral girl - and gravitate toward those in the oriental and gourmand classes. That Korrigan is in BOTH these classes makes it ideal for me. Some reviewers have said that it is much more a masculine scent than feminine, and I disagree. On me, at least, it is a combination of exotic and sweet. Not a syrupy sweet, but a lovely whiff of your favorite caramel confection. My body chemistry is such that the smokiness not only begins the scent's journey in the top notes, but remains predominant even in the dry down. Best of all, it is masterfully blended, and doesn't have the strong note of benzoin that dominates in so many oriental perfumes. This is an unusual and intriguing wintertime fragrance - neither for everyday or everyone. Finally, I'd like to mention that the first light springtime perfume I've liked in ages is Lubin's Gin Fizz. So, it's not surprising that Lubin has such a reputation and has lasted so long.
By   - Physician  from MidAtlantic Seaboard on 12/5/2014
Korrigan is definitely swoon inducing! While nice on me it is a stunner on dh. Definitely not too sweet or cloying just a deep rich smoky, leathery, wood with the perfect touch of toffee. A fb is definitely going to be included among his birthday gifts. Thankfully, he loves it as much as I do.
By   - Designer from Inland Northwest on 3/18/2013
Rats - I thought I would love this. Caramel woods? Oh, yeah. Sweet sap with a tangy streak? Count me in. But no, it was just a soft, linear oud on me. While not unpleasant, I'm not a fan. So disappointed.
By   - Exec Admin Assistant from Colorado on 2/5/2013
I perceive this as a man's man type of fragrance,though my perception may change if I were to smell a woman wearing it. The smokey, woody, accords make it seem male-oriented, but the creaminess almost balances it out. I don't know that I'd feel sexy wearing this one, but I would feel attractive--in a Hennesey and cigar kinda way.
By   - from Evansville on 2/4/2013
Received a sample of Korrigan the other day and I will be buying a full bottle. Absolutely love this scent. Starts off almost smokey, then dries down to a creamy yumminess. Lucky Scent's description is spot on. Want, Want, Want
By   - sales from Amherst on 1/11/2013
It sounds so good in the notes but it is foul. There is some kind of note in there that makes it truly sickening. I literally threw it away.
By  on 12/11/2012
I'll make this short and to the point. Boozy sweetness mixed with woods. I love it.
By   - from winston salem on 12/9/2012
I am a woman and this stuff is sooo amazing on me that I had to order a fb immediately! I get smooth, smoldering, honey-ed leather...absolutely delicious and lasts for hours.
By   - from St. Louis, MO on 12/6/2012
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