M. Micallef

Royal Muska

Eau de Parfum

30ml $110
100ml $265
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Royal Muska...
Absolutely beautiful fragrance. Unique because theres nothing else out there thst even comes close to this fragrance. Its really not that important but the bottle is beautiful. For me i perfer that the perfume is great but it doesn't hurt to also have such a beautiful bottle. Its hard to tell from the picture how stunning the bottle looks but i am in love with the fragrance. You will not be disappointed if you try this.
By   - RNl from TOMS RIVER on 9/17/2020
Royal Muska is definitely a beautiful scent. My issue is that in order for it to last on the skin you will either have to spray a lot of it or use the hell out of your sample in one sitting . In my opinion it is the only way to go to get the fragrance from being a skin scent to an eau de parfum as advertised. This fragrance plays very close to the skin and for some that may be all you want. But it is called Royal Muska, no?
By   - Wrist Sniffer from New York on 7/19/2020
This is musk but it's not. It's musk on an elevated level. It's soft and floral, but with a sexy skin scent, an "omg, yes!" scent that you can only smell up close... All I know is that when I wear it, people say to me "Wow! You smell great!"
By   - ORM Specialist from Chippewa Falls on 8/30/2016
As a musk freak who is constantly searching for "The One", I threw caution to the wind and bought a FB without having smelt it just based on the reviews. Fortunately it's just about as good as everyone else says! Elegant, feminine, creamy and sensual. On me it wears quite close to the skin and doesn't last as long as I'd like but it is completely divine.
By   - Project Manager from Sydney, Australia on 12/6/2015
The notes of this perfume are some of my favorites; rose, ylang ylang, musk, and wood and I was not disappointed. This is an automatic favorite I could wear every day and that says a lot because I am a philandering fragrance monger.
By   - Account Manager from Oklahoma city on 11/7/2015
At my recent visit to the scent bar, I went in with a list of other fragrances and this wasn't one of them. I was smelling other perfumes and saw this pretty bottle. When I took a whiff of it, instantly it was a must buy. I love this fragrance and don't regret indulging it is FB worthy!
By   - Contractor from San Diego on 8/19/2015
I got a sample of this with an order. Two weeks or so later I received my full bottle. There was no hemming and hawing around. I just got it. I will never be without a bottle of Royal Muska. I could wear it everyday. I have been wearing it everyday. I am not one to love rose in a perfume. I appreciate rose for its therapeutic benefits and for its beauty on the stem. But M. Micallef harnessed rose in such a way that it doesn't smell "old Victorian lady." Musk, floral, wood, and fruit blended seamlessly. If people think of me, I want them to have this scent accompany the memory. This is not a 5...this is my 10!
By   - Vagabond from Otto on 6/3/2015
Mmmm, seamlessly soft and elegant...just smells good. Sillage is personal, and it lasts 8+ hours on my skin. The actual smell of pure musk doesn't kick in until hour 6 on my skin. Until then, all the notes stay and flow together. A soft floral with a backbone that lasts and holds together really nicely. Feels elegant and suitable for all occasions. Might spring for a full bottle of this!
By   - Trainer from San Diego on 7/18/2012
This is the best musk in the world I believe. It's really sweet. I don't think the description fits though. I don't think there's anything tropical about it or anything that reminds me of sun; in fact I'd wear it under a sweater maybe. I'm planning on buying a bottle.
By   - Hypnotherapist from San Francisco on 5/31/2012
A beautiful soft floral musk which is feminine and well-blended. This is one of my favorite fragrances.
By   - from Colorado on 8/2/2009
OK, after frequent application of this perfume, I have to post an amendment: while I still absolutely love this scent, I can't help but to notice that it doesn't dry down very well. I don't mean the initial dry-down, but the dry-down after a number of hours (say, 5-6 hours) turns harsh. It turns into a very generic kind of chemical perfume smell. I would rather just have it fade away altogether than to do what it does. Has anyone else noticed this? I am sad ... I can't bring myself to buy a full bottle when I know it's going to turn unpleasant after a number of hours. :(
By   - professor from Syracuse, NY on 4/8/2009
Wow. I agree that this is a "mature" scent, though I would not by any means relegate it to the "grandmother" realm. It is both simple and complex at the same time; it conveys a "day spent outdoors" quality which others have clearly picked up on as well, and which, to me, makes this a surprisingly "un-perfumey" perfume. I guess this is the point of "skin scents," but I have never smelled a skin scent that pulls this off with such originality and such understated elegance. The sillage and the lasting power are very, very good too.
By   - professor from Syracuse, NY on 3/16/2009
Imagine a crystal clear pond of pure spring water, so clean you can open your eyes under water and see perfectly with no unpleasantness to your precious orbs. you frolic around like a dolphin, and when you are weary, you come out and lay on a beach towel in the white sand. when you skin dries, it smells like this stuff!
By   - enjoying the scents from of---oooo---LIFE! on 1/10/2009
Absolutely beautiful - subtle and feminine, never overpowering but definitely present - in fact lasts for hours on my skin. I really love this one. Shame it's so expensive, but I think I will buy a full bottle anyway (hope my non-perfume-loving partner never finds out!)
By   - from UK on 12/15/2008
Absolutely gorgeous fragrance, one of Micallef's Best......this is definitely a sexy grown up fragrance. Stays close and smells refined and gorgeous.
By  on 11/15/2008
really, really beautiful scent but for a much older lady, and i mean older. If you have grandchildren but don't want to smell like a grandma then get this, it manages to be both creamy and powdery. the musk is very clean and it smells very elegant and expensive.
By  on 8/31/2008
Just wanted to add to my comment below. In a side by side test with Narcisco Rodriguez, this scent is *much* more subtle and soft. NR can be quite strong and loud. Not so with this fragrance, which is a true "skin scent." So if you don't like NR, please don't rule this out. It's softer and more wearable. It's different enough to warrant a sample.
By  on 8/10/2008
Ooooo geeeez, this is soooo goooood. I sure don't need anymore perfume, but I can't see how I can pass this beauty up. A tiny bit sweet, but also very grown up and sophisticated, this is just lovely. Something about it reminds me a little of Narcisco Rodriguez--that sort of sweet honeyed musk feeling. If you like a lightly sweet floral with the perfect amount of white musk, try this. It is captivating. The perfect summer fragrance--I am in love!
By  on 8/8/2008
Oh my god what a gorgeous perfume!!! It's a gorgeous skin scent, warm, honeyed and uncomplicated. I tend to go for more complex scents but I'm also a sucker for drop-dead sexy musks and let me tell you, this is one of the best ones that Luckyscent carries. If you love classic/classy fragrances, try this. If you love honeyed florals that stick to skin tenaciously without ever overpowering you - try this. And if you love musks, or those "your skin but better" fragrances - get this!
By   - from NYC on 8/3/2008
weird... i wasn't going to buy anything for myself (famous last words, i know) but was spending a lovely hour sniffing and buying a present at scentbar with my husband. after much talking and sniffing, i asked if there were any new skin scents. completely broad and vague category, i know, but i was in that kind of a mood. what landed on the back of my wrist was some rose muska and IMMEDIATELY i was hooked, but in a very atypical way. usually, a scent has to have a "hook", either in its sensuality, or funkiness, or some ineffable sense of something to pull me in. Here, I can't put my finger on it. Rose Muska smells.. pretty. and very generic. really, it smells like what your mom probably wore in the 70's. but not the perfume out of that bottle. it smells like that perfume smelled on her skin after a day spent outside, or the remnant of it on her silk scarves (if your mom happened to be that kind of mom, mine is). The genius of this scent is not at all in its scent per se, but in the transparent quality it has on the skin. It has a lovely sillage, yet manages to stay close to the skin. Wow. I walked out with a bottle. I'm still smitten. It's a perfect work scent, but really, I wore it while spending time outside, yoga class, museum, it works everywhere. I would definitely urge you to try a sample first. The main difference with the bottle spritz vs the small sample is that there is the faintest musk like scent from the bottle, and that was not present in the small sample vial. Another winner from luckyscent.
By   - from san francisco on 7/16/2008
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