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Perfect Nectar

Eau de Parfum

1.7 oz $75
1/8 oz Oil (rollon) $45
0.7ml sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Perfect Nectar...
It is interesting how different my experience has been from what others are writing. What has been the same is that in the vial, I do get a kind of “shampoo” scent. Then on application, it smells juicy for an hour or so in a non-tropical, appley way. Kind of like whole fruit in the hot sun, still on the tree. Or maybe the pit that’s left after fruit has been eaten. Then I do get green tea in the dry down, about 2 hours in, but it’s a genmaicha brown rice green tea. Not sure this one is for me, but it is interesting. Not at all too sweet, which I was worried about. Strikes me as unisex.
By   - Writer from NYC on 8/1/2020
I am, most definitely, a perfume snob. I usually don’t even buy a sample of a perfume if the bottle is less than $100, assuming the quality is poor. After trying Perfect Nectar, I can say that I will never judge a perfume by it’s price again. I am super sensitive to poor quality or overly synthetic perfumes; however, PN has not given me a headache. In fact, I find PN quite soothing. It starts out super fruity, in the juiciest, best possible way. The dry down is what I like to describe as “sugary, soft musk.” Not that shrieking, sharp musk that most perfumes dry into. This is like a musk derived from angels. Out of hundreds of bottles in my collection, I reach for this A LOT!
By   - Historian from New England on 7/3/2019
The fruit and floral notes seem to evaporate on me. After an hour, it doesn't smell sweet at all, but more like a salty soap. My experience may be an aberration, based on others' descriptions. I, too, experience the headache so many others have mentioned though.
By   - business advisory services from Arlington on 3/7/2017
This is a true gourmande perfume that I have come back to time after time over the years. It really does smell like a delicious fruit nectar. I have this in the oil and it lasts and lasts, even through showers. It is definitely a fruity musk in the end.
By  on 6/14/2014
I love the way this perfume smells and have for years. It's like a summer fruit salad in a perfume. However, it gives me a HORRIBLE headache! I tried it years ago and thought I'd give it another try to see if the headache was a fluke, but no I dabbed on the sample and not too long after had a painful headache. I'm surprised to see so many other people reporting headaches. What is in this making us all sick!?
By   - from San Diego on 7/13/2011
Yes, it’s summery, juicy and, when you wear it, the boys will wag their tongues at you. But boys used to wag their tongues at me when I wore Bath & Body Works’ Sun-Ripened Raspberry. Thus, boys (and their general requisite poor taste in fragrance, the well-informed aside) and their raves over Armani Code and Vera Wag’s various candy-crack Princesses do little to sway my opinions about perfume. If I paid attention to my boyfriend’s preference, I would walk around smelling like a piece of fruit that got into fisticuffs with a vanilla cupcake. Not so elegant for anyone but an adolescent. Which brings me to my original point about Perfect Nectar. At first spray Perfect Nectar is pure peach, but not a rich dripping, lactonic peach. Instead it felt synthetic and sterilized, like air freshener or naff body spray. The supposed green tea and white flowers were non-existent against the syrupy fruits (there’s also an over-ripe tropical note thrown in), which is a shame because I suspect the intention was to temper the juiciness with some astringent and bitter notes. My best friend tried this, sprayed it once, sniffed, smiled broadly and sprayed it over her entire body, exclaiming “Oh, my God! It’s great! It’s so fruity!" Because my boyfriend & best friend love it and because it is one of Horowitz’s Bestsellers, there are, however, people out there bound to love this stuff, present writer excluded. Since when is fruity-ness the ultimate characteristic of personal fragrance? I digress… When I come home from work (instead having worn Ms. Horowitz’s beautiful Love Comes from Within) the house reeks of Perfect Nectar because the Boyfriend has taken it upon himself to spritz it about the house. I’ve remarked that the fragrance is much more expensive than Febreze, but he says someone’s got to use it. I guess he’s right.
By   - Legal Assistant from Louisville on 4/6/2010
Just a boring floral to me. Similar to Floral Petillant to me by Filles des Iles.
By   - from Milwaukee on 7/3/2009
This perfume is amazing! All the guys follow me around like puppy dogs when I wear this.
By   - from Malibu on 5/28/2009
It's very peachy and fruity with a nice hint of florals swirling around. I wouldn't choose to wear it, but it is a juicy happy scent. A wonderful scent for a young girl. It's very summery.
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 2/10/2008
VERY nice,warm,a little different from other fruity scents! I LOVE this scent. So far,my favorite CS scent!
By   - Personal fragrance shopper from cincinnati on 10/17/2007
I've never been to an heiresses fifth birthday party; but this is what it would smell like. mumsy and daddums would buy buckets of sweet flowers from the depths of the amazon to be trodden on by the tiny mary jane'd feet. trays of candied fruits are set aflame, lending the room a smoky, fruity glow. a blend of sweet, powder, and the biggest white vanilla cake from an italian bakery. oh, and a pony, covered in powdered sugar...
By   - artist from south san francisco on 9/19/2007
It's very sweet and pretty. It reminds me of a more complex version of The Body Shop's peach perfume, which I wore fifteen years ago. It does strike me as a very young scent, but not at all sexy. Sweet CAN be sexy, but this is too innocent to do the job.
By   - from Michigan on 8/5/2007
Happy that I only ordered the sample. This one smells bad on me. I detect a sour's probably my dry skin which changes the fragrance.
By   - Teacher from Miami on 8/1/2007
The woman from whom I bought this told me that men comment on it all the time since it is just so young and feminine, not in a floral way but in a sweet, juicy way. It is the unapologetically girly yin to his masculine, earthy yang. This fragrance is alive and flirtatious, but still has the complexity that I expect from a fine fragrance. Love.
By  on 6/21/2007
Perfect Nectar is an irresistible summer fragrance: fresh, happy, zingy, and warm. It creates a soothing, hazy aura that's paradoxically stimulating. It's the excitement of summer vacation in a bottle.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 4/13/2007
Oh my goodness I cant believe I love this scent! (Wait for the dry down!)Usually I hate fruity scents, and especially peach and tropical, but this scent just smells so beautiful, and I am sooo picky! My husband didnt smell fruit at all. He said, "It smells light and pretty." I dont really smell peach--I dont know what I'm lovin' but I love it! When I first put it on I did get a slight headache, but here's a tip if you think it's too lovely to let go: wear it on your wrists and not your neck, and only wear it when you will be outside or if you will be somewhere you dont just sit. Perfume gives me a headace sometimes if it's constantly under my nose. I wore this to the park today and I felt so beautiful! The wind would pick it up and I would think, "oh what a beautiful smell!" and it didnt give me a headache. LOVE IT!
By   - stay home mom 27 from dewey, ok on 3/21/2007
I have to concur with two other reviewers: great yummy fruity fragrance, but somehow headache-inducing! I love fruit fragrances and this one is right up my alley--very succulent--at first whiff. However within 20 mins I had to wash it off: my head was pounding! Ugh.
By   - Lawyer from NYC on 10/12/2006
The smell was very nice at first but like another reviewer, this one gave me a big headache! :(
By  on 7/16/2006
Delicious! Got the sample and can't stop smelling my arm. I think I have found my new favorite summer fragrance! Smells like a fresh, ripe, real peach. Not too sugary sweet, just very ripe and warm. I don't think I'll wear it for teaching, but definitely for dates w/ my hubby!
By   - grad student on 3/10/2006
I love fruity perfumes and this scent is one of the best. It's a warm fruity as opposed to a crisp fruity if that makes sense. Another bonus is that it has great staying power which is somtimes hard to come by with fruity scents. I've used the oil concentrate about 10-15 times and it still looks full.
By   - from Chicago on 2/10/2006
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