L'Homme Sage

Eau de Parfum

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By   - DR from AlAhsa on 12/30/2019
This is wonderful! When I first tried the sample I thought of Chrome by Azzarro, but then it changed into something completely different. Smells majestic, regal. The longevity is fantastic! Two drops on my wrist lasted till the next day. A sexy, mysterious, slightly sweet concoction.
By   - Medical from Georgia on 8/1/2017
Disclaimer: I am a woman knowing that any perfume is affected by the chemistry of the person wearing it. 1) The scent of L'Hommage Sage in its unapplied form is of a warm, light, scented wood kissed by sunlight. 2) Upon application on myself, the wood scent is enriched by a magnolia scent which makes me think of a gentle Southern breeze. 3) The lasting power of L'Hommage Sage is far beyond most fragrances I have experienced. It remains fresh and consistent after the first minute of being applied. 4) The scent is listed as masculine, but I would rate it unisex when I wear it.
By   - Writer/Poet/Digital Artist from San Diego, CA on 12/12/2016
My favorite cologne! A little definitely goes a long way. I bought it 11/22/2013 and used the last of it today. Must get more!
By   - Telecommunications from New Hope on 11/21/2016
Sexy and definitely not just for men!
By   - Entrepreneur  from Naples, FL on 8/22/2016
Tried a sample a year ago and instantly liked it. The description above is probably more apt than my nose can describe. The wood, sage and spicy notes blend well. Starts off strong but drys well. Love it.
By   - Logistics from Louisville on 1/28/2016
Rich, spicy, sweet
By  on 6/1/2015
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