Eau de Toilette

by Comme des Garcons: Incense

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50ml $95
0.7ml sample $4
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I didn''t think there was much depth to this scent but my friends love it on me. Good frankincense, long lasting.
By   - Crazy cat lady from Tulsa on 1/15/2019
I adore this fragrance and would dearly love to give it 5 stars, but it has absolutely no staying power. Less than 30 minutes after using it, the scent it gone. Same with Kyoto and Zagorsk. So disappointing!
By   - writer from NY on 12/31/2018
By   - Self Employed from Detroit on 9/24/2018
This is a very nice one! Fitting in a number of situations day or night. A new favorite.
By   - Firefighter from Seattle on 3/8/2018
I like this it sets a Gothic mood pungent, resinous definitely considering adding it to my collection.
By   - business from Miami on 8/25/2017
I am not goth. I am not catholic. I have, however, been to Avignon. This fragrance definitely takes me back to the holiday I spent there. Hallways and rooms steeped in the same resinous aromas for hundreds of years. I wasn''t sure how I felt about wearing it for hours on end when I got my sample, but now that it''s almost gone I find it has moved to the top of the "must get full size" list.
By   - Seamstress  from Ohio on 2/14/2017
I initially looked at this scent because everyone I know has been saying, "I got a piece of Morrissey''s shirt and he smelled amazing! I figured out what he was wearing." and being that I am obsessed with Morrissey, I eventually caved in and looked it up. Hearing that it has a very potent, musky, and rather spicy, I became hesitant. Was it really something I wanted to wear? But after reading the description, I decided to try a sample. Holy cow, I was blown away. For a fragrance, it is certainly unique and many (male or female) can pull it off. It starts off very strong and very... Smokey. But once it starts to wear out a little, a hint of vanilla subtly creeps its way in and ends softly. Amazing fragrance, can''t wait to buy a full bottle.
By   - Student from Los Angeles on 9/9/2016
This definitely evokes childhood memories of Catholic mass. It is dark and sensual. I absolutely love it! I often have people comment on how great it smells and some of the reactions are surprisingly strong. My husband loves it and quite often "borrows" it. He''s not Catholic, so nostalgia has nothing to do with it. This is one of my favorites in all but the hottest part of summer when Kyoto is absolutely clean and perfect. I only wish it had more staying power.
By   - celebrity hairstylist from Los Angeles on 8/16/2016
A few Manhattan churches of maybe two different denominations with stained glass interiors smelling just like Avignon come to mind. I found this one long-wearing and very easy going. I won''t give Avignon five stars because I, personally, wasn''t moved. Perhaps Zagorsk will provide that missing spark I''m searching for in the Incense Series of Comme des Garçons. This one is too pedestrian for me somehow, and dries down to my dad''s cheapo $20. cologne he buys off the neighborhood street vendors. I''m not kidding.
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 8/13/2016
This scent is so beautiful. Midnight mass in a Catholic church.
By   - Data Analyst from Baltimore, MD on 9/14/2014
an altar boy who is bringing the burning incense passes by, that is the summary of this perfume. anyone who is into serving a church (a Catholic Church specifically), would want to try this one. it tickles the memory.
By   - sculptor from cebu on 3/3/2014
I like the scent, though I don''t think I would want to smell like it. I like frankincense and myrrh kind of smells, but I dont want to smell like a brisk, solemn Catholic Church. It would make a pretty good candle, though.
By   - Student from Chicago on 1/4/2013
This is my signature frag!!!! I usually have to back off of it in the hottest part of summer here or I''ll lighten it by dabbing some Egyptian Musk on. In the fallwinter, I have my concoction of putting on an amazing Caramel perfume oil then spray this over it. I get stopped everywhere I go, people saying I smell like a sweet incense and both men and woman love it and stop me! I also like to put a lil "Druglord" by Agatha Blois of Carnical Wax to give it another undertone of sweet-spicyness. I love this Incense frag, it''s the only one for me because it has the perfect notes for me and staying power! If you like a lighter smokeyincense frag then I recommend trying Demeter Fragrances as thy have a whole series of smokey smells that are wonderful and playful! But Incense Avignon is my #1 love!!!!
By   - from Austin on 9/18/2012
Wow! That is incense. If you''re into incense flooding your pores, then you will undoubtedly like this one. It reminds me of an evening service attended in an old Episcopalian Chapel at the University of the South in Sewaunee, TN. It was a beautiful and moving experience, but I must say, not for me as a perfume. I burn this scent in the winter and absolutely love it! It is a reminder of the spiritual. I''m rating this high because if you are looking for a fragrance that mimics the waves of smoky incense from a Roman Catholic Church, it is right on!
By   - secretary from Waunakee on 9/16/2012
Wow, I never knew there were so many incense lovers out there. This is a little in-your-face initially with the big frankincense and myrrh jumping out right away. Both of which back off just a bit to some interesting balancing notes that are somewhat hard to place. I really like the smell, but not sure I would "wear" it. I could burn incense everyday in my house, and from time to time go to frankincense especially in the winter, but it''s not what I look for in a fragrance. If you do, however, this is a nice selection.
By   - from Seattle on 9/6/2012
it feels like a ritual...golden brown warmth, high quality incense drifting through the air from a distance, never overpowering you with smoke...subtle dry sweetness, somewhere up top is an almost effervescing cola feel, a calming tonic that could be taken from a spoon...the frankincense never goes away, giving it a sensual musk...it keeps you in its shadowy halls, you can sink into it....the feeling of a very large space, but only what is lit by a single candle flickering is visible...it is captivating.
By   - Musician from Austin, TX on 4/13/2012
I''m not catholic, so I don''t associate this scent with church at all. What I reminds me of is being in a snowy forest that is perfumed with the smell of campfires and fireplaces. It''s spellbinding and strangely soothing.
By   - Lawyer from San Diego on 2/10/2012
I know I''ve already reviewed this, but I finally got a full bottle. It is so much more intense and has so much more depth than I remember. I still want to smell it on a man, but he best not touch MY bottle - if he knows what''s good for him!
By   - A/V tech from Los Angeles on 12/6/2011
I am Catholic and this brings to mind Easter Mass. I love this type of incense clear and calm. I have to say though that this frag is an identical twin to cardinal by heeley. Love it since the price is a bit better too.
By   - Sales from New Orleans on 10/1/2011
I know this is the reference fragrance for incense, but I wasn''t blown away. Avignon is decent, but it didn''t transport me like other CdG fragrances.
By   - from The Brew on 9/12/2011
I don''t get what the fuss is about with this fragrance.I love the smell of frankincense but this smells nothing like burning resin.i think jaisalmer smells more like frankincense or copal but that one just doesn''t have any siliage or lasting power.kyoto is not bad.so my search continues for a true frankincense fragrance.
By  on 9/2/2011
I may be at a disadvantage here, as I have never actually attended a Catholic mass, coming as I do from a thoroughly Protestant background. Avignon does, however, smell the way I imagine a very old Catholic church would smell during mass the smell of the burning incense and the candles (I detect a distinct candle wax note in Avignon) mingling with the residual scent of the last thousand years worth of incense. It is an extremely evocative scent. There are some bizarre niche scents available today which may be admirable from an artistic or intellectual point of view, but are difficult to imagine actually wearing and smelling all day, or even for more than a few minutes. Avignon, however, while it is an unconventional perfume--perhaps not exactly what one usually thinks of as perfume--and no doubt not to everyone''s taste, is quite wearable and beautifully done.
By   - chemist from Texas on 6/16/2011
Avignon is a gorgeous scent. The problem is that it really does not last on me, only about 20 minutes. Sigh (because I love it but it has no staying power).
By  on 4/26/2011
EXACTLY like Catholic mass incense. I had my doubts, but tried a sample and just put in my order for a full bottle. I''ve been looking for this particular scent forever. It''s just how your clothes smell after getting censed by the priest. Why would I want to smell like this? Despite giving up Catholicism, the candles, incense, and music still bring me comfort...
By  on 2/4/2011
sex in a church
By  on 12/15/2010
such a beautiful fragrance, I have a sample as soon as I get the money I will be ordering a bottle
By  on 11/12/2010
Latin rights in a dusty cathedral. It reminded my mother of boarding school. I would like to wear it to seduce a man of the cloth. But what to layer it with? Something musky, I think.
By   - Femme Fatale from Sydney on 6/28/2010
Truly disappointed! It is a very strong smoky scent that reminds me of an old, abandoned room.
By   - from Washington on 6/12/2010
I got a piece of Morrissey''s shirt after his Dublin show and yes it reeked of this perfume. Clearly I had to get a bottle for myself. It is amazing. The best.
By   - Pr  from Liverpool England on 1/31/2010
By  on 1/31/2010
Prior to purchasing I had read various reviews regarding incense perfumes, all claiming to capture the feel of the frankincense burned during mass and the general consensus is that Avignon is the standard by which all others should be judged.When asking myself if I really needed a perfume that smelled like High Mass, the answer was, ''Most definitely.'' I simply couldn''t wait to get my hands on a bottle of Avignon.The perfume is exactly what it claims to be. It smells so very much like Mass that for a moment I was almost taken aback by the scent. The frankincense is the dominant opening note with the obligatory smoke, but there''s also the smell of wet wood, a lingering musk of something damp, cold. To quote a good friend of mine the perfume opens with a strong burst of ''Gothity Gothity Goth!'' I don''t want to liken it to a damp crypt, but that''s really one of the only ways to describe what this does. Either that, or it smells like a forgotten church, still lingering with perfumes and resins. Maybe a crypt beneath a forgotten church?When I first wore it I ended up layering a bit of SMN Melograno to cut the ''gloominess'' of the fragrance, but after a few subsequent wears I''ve learned that the fragrance develops beautifully. After a few minutes, the coldness of it begins to fade replaced with a warmer, lingering scent of burning incense. There''s still the top note of frankincense that simply will not fade away, but the damp, dankness of the initial perfume does mellow at least a bit, though it never becomes a truly ''friendly'' scent. It has decent sillage and lasting power, and by the end of a 15 hour day it''s still there, close to the skin, smelling like the lingering of burnt incense.As for wear-ability, I don''t know how many people there are who have been searching for a perfume that smells like Catholic Mass, however out of the five fragrances in this series, Avignon is the most acclaimed. It''s not a feminine scent by a long shot.My only real compliant is the bottle. I think I would have died if it had come in a bottle like Bois 1920. C''est la vie.
By   - from Washington, DC on 1/27/2010
When i use this i think of Morrissey in Salisbury! Thank you.
By   - from Somerset. on 1/13/2010
I really , really wanted to love this! This reminded me of the resin incense copal. That''s really all I smelled, For me , it would work better as a room fragrance.
By  on 10/23/2009
Avignon reminds me of "Interview with the vampire and Queen of the Damned" What''s not to love?
By   - from Kensington, West London on 10/9/2009
let alone what how churchy is this scent and lets talk about it technicaly, this perfume has it OWN CHARACHTAR,its not just another nice smelling scent in a bottle,not for people who are not into woody scents, not for people who are begning to use woody scents,the contsruction of the perfume is so amaizng, the incesne smell is there from the begning you can smell the basic building block of the perfume as if its the platform of a theater and top, heart and base notes are the actors on it,i loved the presence of vanilla, so balanced, not overpowering with in a powdery aspect.
By   - perfumer from BEIRUT on 9/17/2009
This is truly reminiscent of a catholic mass. It even creates the same feelings as being in a church does: comforting, meditating and introspective. Great lasting power and strong enough without being offensive even in the hot greek summer. I love it, but unfortunately don''t feel brave enough to wear it outside my house I''m a girly kind of female but this would better be suited in a man or a sexy, strong woman. Jaisalmer is the most wearable of the series in my opinion. But I already finished my two samples and think of buying another one perhaps I need a bottle after all:)
By   - from Athens on 7/29/2009
i have to disagree with the majority of reviews. this stuff reminds me of the latrine disinfectant we used at girl scout camp when i was a tween -- pinesol meets patch ouli. another reason to be thankful i''m not catholic, apparently. if you must, try a sample before committing.
By   - from youngstown on 7/20/2009
I ordered some samples, largely because Morrissey wears it, and oh, OH, it is luscious. Mass in a bottle. The ultimate Goth scent.
By  on 7/17/2009
If you grew up going to Catholic mass this is totally that particular type of incense they burn in church, very nostalgic for me, I love it
By  on 4/23/2009
While I agree that Avignon smells of Catholic High Mass, it also has something rounder, more full and warm. The drydown is softer and less resinous than the initial application, and the staying poer is amazing.
By   - from New Orleans on 3/13/2009
I guess I''ll be the odd one out on this one, but this was my least favorite of the CDG Incense series (which is a great line of fragrances!) The dry down was to "wet, musky, wood" for me. Kyoto is the best in the line.
By   - from Dothan on 10/22/2008
One whiff of this and I was back being dragged round medieval European churches as a child. Absolutely lovely though - deep, cool, the perfume equivalent of Gregorian chant.
By   - Bookseller from London, UK on 10/13/2008
If you are remotely Goth, love velvet capes and long dark tresses-do not hesitate. The allure is strong-the fragrance is heady-the results are?? I am not a vampire but, if I were, this is what I would ALWAYS WEAR.
By   - Faux Artist from Knoxville on 6/21/2008
I''ve been waiting for someone to capture the scent of Catholic masses. I love it, but don''t wear it that much as a cologne. It''s great to spray on the bedsheets and around the house. The candle is a better option.
By   - consultant from san francisco on 6/6/2008
I agree with everyone about the frankincense--very high-church "smells and bells"--but there''s hardly anything else in this scent. It lasts well and when it dries down I get a tiny bit of tonka maybe, but that''s all. A half ounce bottle of oil of frankincense is a much better buy if that''s all I want to sniff or if I want to layer it with something sweeter or more interesting.
By   - Music, words & software from SF Bay area on 5/13/2008
All I smelled from Avignon was frankincense. I was not a fan of this one because it smelled bitter and musty on me. Thankfully it only lasted a short time.
By  on 5/8/2008
This is a really nice, quality fragrance, but for actual wearability with my chemistry, I much prefer Jaisalmer. But on my husband? Avignon is truly glorious. Deep, smoky and mysterious. I''m sure that there are women on whom this works very well (I picture a savvy, intelligent brunette), but I feel Avignon really comes into its'' own when melded with a masculine chemistry.
By   - Nurse from St Louis on 3/23/2008
Wow, mysterious, gothic warm, addicting. The longer I wear it the better it gets.
By   - from Woodstock Ct on 3/5/2008
As much as I love this on me, I would REALLY love to smell it on a man.
By   - lighting tech from Lost Angeles on 2/24/2008
After reading so many positive comments, I decided to order me a sample. At long last, I was able to sample it, and I am very impressed! Reminds me so much of pontifical church incense, which when applied to my skin, gives a warm feeling.
By   - Bon Vivant from California on 2/16/2008
.... Morrissey has never smelled better.
By   - from Compton on 1/18/2008
I ordered a bunch of samples for my husband because I wanted us to pick some new, more unusual scents for him. Little tired of what they have to offer at Macy''s... Turns out he loves Avignon so much I can''t get him to try anything else! Sexy, sophisticated, masculine, and strangely addicting.
By  on 12/31/2007
This is my "hot date" perfume. I love the way it smells and I love the way it makes me feel! There''s nothing I won''t get up to, wearing this perfume. A warning, though: it smells so much like a church that my partner (raised Catholic) gets flashbacks.
By   - from Austin, TX on 12/19/2007
By   - SALES MANAGER from CHARLOTTE on 12/10/2007
A friend of mine got a piece of Mozz''s shirt at a show we were at and tore me off a piece. I was huffing it the whole way home wondering what that intoxicating scent was! I researched it online and found it here. Never sure of facts on random sites I was pleased Lucky Scent offered the option to order a sample to make sure it is the one I wanted. I just got it today and it is the exact fragrance. I''m ordering a bottle for sure!
By   - from FL on 11/24/2007
He''d been all over the world but claimed to have no real home. Clad in a black woolen coat, the moonlight dancing over his sapphire-blue eyes, he''d pulled me into a never ending embrace where I melted into him over and over and over. We talked about everything that didn''t matter and a few things that did. We cursed the carnivores. We made fun of Republicans. I asked him to sing me a song and he told me I''d never be able to afford it, the cheeky bastard.The next morning when I awoke, he was gone. There was a note laid next to me. Scrawled on scrap paper in strangely tilted handwriting, it simply said, "I will see you in far off places."His intoxicating scent still lingers on my sheets.
By   - buck toothed girl from Luxembourg on 11/16/2007
This is a wonderful true Catholic mass incense scent, heavy on myrhh I believe. Lasting power is good, several hours, overnight.I can''t believe this, but I was front and center at Morrissey''s concert and I was overwhelmed by CdG, and I kept sniffing and saying who is wearing that to my sister, and now I know why!! Its true he does wear CdG. Moz has such good taste.
By   - student from ny on 10/29/2007
ahhh yes. i got my bottle and is exactly what morrissey wears. I say that because i was able to catch his shirt at his concert in riverside, ca. It was shred to pieces and i was able to hold to a piece. He seems to spray the Gucci shirt with the bottle of the avignon incense. it smelled great and had to get it. good thing i found this site. cant wait to visit the shop for other colognes.
By   - from rancho cucamonga, ca on 10/22/2007
This is what gets me between mozza shows. Ahh...stretch out and wait.
By  on 10/19/2007
The first thing you notice when Moz walks on stage is this wonderful smell. If I ever smell this on anyone , anywhere, I will melt into a puddle.
By  on 10/17/2007
Avignon is the flagship scent in the exotic and well-conceived Incense line of Comme des Garçons. I admire it, but like it the least of them. It has a very true-to-form frankincense opening: it is sweet, almost fruity, powerful and pungent. It gives a very high church atmosphere, more than a little gothic in its intensity. It is brilliantly evocative of dark cathedrals which have seen much incense and many prayers. It is just too rich for my taste. Others in the line (Zagorsk, Kyoto, Ouarzazate) are more restrained and I find them haunting and attractive.
By   - from edmonton on 10/9/2007
I''m going to agree with everyone who says that this nails Catholic Church incense and all of the associations that implies. Can''t wait for colder weather.
By   - trainer from Washington DC on 9/24/2007
Superb. All those reviewers claiming that Avignon smells just like Catholic Church incense have it right on. I attended twelve years of Catholic school, was an altar boy and all that stuff. Avignon nails it! BTW, if any of the folks who appreciate this scent would like to get the real incense like they burn at Mass, just search church supply stores online for "Pontifical Incense" by Will & Baumer. I am now an atheist, but still enjoy some of the atmospheric trappings of Catholicism. Once again, Avignon nails the scent!
By   - "W" Hater from Cleveland on 8/18/2007
i LOVE THIS scent. it is EXACTLY the scent of incense i remember from Mass as a child. While it brings forth mixed emotions, i can''t stop wearing it.AWESOME creation
By  on 7/27/2007
i got on stage & hugged morrissey, as i walked away i was overwhelmed by how amazing he smelled... i just bought a bottle of this for my boyfriend and a candle for my room!
By   - from SC on 7/23/2007
It smells like Morrissey.Darkly Catholic and brooding. Is he evil or just misguided? Or perhaps... enlightened?
By   - singing mammographer from Washington, DC on 7/8/2007
Each ingredient in Avignon is an intoxication on its own, but together they mulyiply into a hallowed resinating presence. Warmth, like the sun hitting the tundra while coming down from the Himalaya. Sobering and mesmerizing.
By   - gatekeeper from city of light on 7/4/2007
Definately reminds me of a cathedral in Greece. That was the trip of a lifetime for me. I''m going to layer it with soft musk as someone suggested. Wonderful scent...
By   - Teacher from Miami on 6/24/2007
This is my favorite scent in the incredible Incense series.Truly a deep, mysterious and powerful churchy incense scent.Brings me back to childhood, to Catholic Mass....thanks CDG!
By   - from Palm Harbor on 6/14/2007
I travelled to Lima, Peru and there was this one city street block where all the homeless men urinated against the side of a tall cement building. The odor around that place was awful. Avignon reminds me of that cement wall that a dozen men urinated on 3 days prior.Very old and musty smelling, Sorry.
By  on 6/13/2007
Wonderful and evocative. It really does smell like catholic church incense - only a little sharper. It reminde me of DSH''s Cathedral. I wish it were a *tiny* bit sweeter and more ambery, but it''s pretty great as is.
By   - Program Associate from Atlanta on 6/3/2007
Hauntingly beautiful. Misty moors, the cool crumbling granite of an old cathedral, thin wisps of extinguished incense...
By   - from Seattle, WA on 4/11/2007
simply put, catholic church in a bottle--have always craved that particular scent and now i have it at my fingertips. this is my fave of the cdg incense series but the others are all great also!
By   - radiographer from cambridge on 4/1/2007
This is so beautiful and evocative. Alone, it is dry and dark and gorgeous. Layered under a floral, it becomes sexy and vibrant. I think I have found a fragrance I will never again be without.
By   - from Alabama on 1/15/2007
Wow, CDG really nailed this one! I wasn''t entirely thrilled w the incense collection until a came across this. It smells exactly like the church I attended as a child. Potentially it could have a profound subconscious effect upon those who smell it and grants its wearer the temporary mark of a saint-whether or not they are.
By   - from Boston on 1/11/2007
it smells like my bible. doesn''t smell so Gothic, as kyoto smells more Gothic and dark and solemn. Kyoto is more mysterious, this is lighter and smells like tree bark on my body chemistry.
By   - from California on 1/9/2007
At first I just thought it smelled like generic incense and nothing else. However after comparing this to Kyoto, this doesn''t have the cedar note in it at all. Nothing mysterious or captivating to me about this one (again not like Kyoto). I just ended up smelling like a church. But I''ll have to try it again to really get a definite opinion.
By   - student from manhattan on 1/1/2007
This fragrance is so wonderfully unique. Yes, it did remind me of church and the incense. But the spicy scent is so complex and individual. I do not know if it is for everyone but I know that it is for me. It would make a wonderful holiday fragrance because it reminds you of the woods.
By   - teacher from Pittsburgh on 12/23/2006
This is how my grandgrandma''s room in the small village used to smell . The Bible scent I used to breathe in... and the figure of The Virgin Mary I was afraid of when I was a child :) Avignon is also very minimal and in some way smells like a poor, dusted house. Beautiful. Scent that works like an old family movie shot by uncle on 8mm.
By   - lighting designer on 12/23/2006
This is my favorite scent in the incredible Incense series. It smells of church and the countryside and my childhood. It''s one of the most beautiful things I''ve smelled in a long time and I hope they never discontinue it!
By   - from NYC on 12/13/2006
This is my favorite scent in the incredible Incense series. It smells of church and the countryside and my childhood. It''s one of the most beautiful things I''ve smelled in a long time and I hope they never discontinue it!
By   - from NYC on 12/13/2006
I don''t know about this one. Just too, too strong. The overwhelming hit reminds me of the crystalized copal that is burnt in Mexico as a room fragrance. Not complex enough. And it never goes away. This lasts like a brush fire burning behind the horizon for days.
By   - writer from San Francisco on 12/6/2006
disturbingly sexy. dark, mystic, spiritual.. and a little bit scary. (then again, most of my experiences with Catholic churches have been funerals.) definitely the kind of fragrance that draws attention to you, just wearing it makes me feel somber, and gorgeous.
By   - law student from Boston on 11/22/2006
Sanctus smoke, what a fragrance! Incense and a little latakia pipe tobacco. So special, yet it isn''t so storng as to cause problems for the discreet wearer. O magnum mysterium what a nose.
By   - Atty. from NYC on 11/18/2006
i wear this one to bed. i love dark incense fragrances and this is a great one for colder weather. this is an excellent scent for layering. i wear this mixed with an inexpensive musk oil, and monyette paris and the guys love it. one of my friends always cmments on my "bewitching smell".
By   - painter from minneapolis on 10/13/2006
12 years of Catholic mass - how could I not fall in love with this and all the memories (good and bad) it evokes. Its the scene of hallowed walls, it is forbidding and comforting. Powerful and sensuous. I treasure this scent.
By   - executive from NYC on 10/12/2006
Completely hypnotic! I was waiting in line to be served when I smelt this on a whim. I HAD to go back the next day for more!A fragrance that is mesmerising and intoxicating with its richness and opulence. Best worn with dark coloured clothes, in sensuous fabrics like velvet.
By   - from Sydney on 7/20/2006
This is one of the more unusual fragrances I wear. Heavy and deep. Very intoxicating. A very unique blend and worth having for special days or events.
By   - traveller from melbourne on 7/2/2006
This is one of the more unusual fragrances I wear. Heavy and deep. Very intoxicating. A very unique blend and worth having for special days or events.
By  on 7/2/2006
i am jewish, so to me this is very exotic and novel. however when i wore it, someone who is catholic gave me a very strange look, perhaps she assumed i was considering converting- nonetheless- to someone like myself who does not have any associations of church as many seem to with this scent, it is lovely.
By   - chef from tel-aviv on 6/30/2006
high mass and people who don''t describe it as such are simply not catholic!frakincense I regard it as kind of a novelty fragrance, wear it to a goth clubshow or maybe... I don''t know where else... the vatican? it is fun enough to wear for no reason but it''s not a cologne in the traditional sense to me it''s more like a fully loaded real time special effect
By   - filmmaker from la, ca on 6/20/2006
Wowwowwow! I don''t even like cathedrals or have religion, but this mysterious resinous thing of beauty has me flaring my nostrils, trying to absorb as much as I can. The whole incense series is great, but this one is my favorite.
By   - lawyer from Minnesota, US on 4/21/2006
Smoldering,warmth dry down of darkness that lingers on the skin throught out the day. Not for the office. No, No, this is for night time outings.
By   - from Baltimore on 3/31/2006
This smells exactly like Christmas trees on me! For some reason, this just doesn''t go with my body chemistry. I think it may be better suited for a male.
By   - from California-ish on 3/8/2006
together with CdG2 and jaisalmer by far the best scent ever.
By  on 2/27/2006
What can I say that the last post didn''t...SCEPT I love this scent! The only problem is I use it sparingly because of the price tag. CHA-ching.
By  on 2/22/2006
Avignon...Avignon...the prettiest scent I''ve ever had on...Absolutely enchanting, sexy, mysterious, and powerful...this fragerance enrobes you into a completely different world...smoky, perhaps, a white smoke...somewhat deceptive at first...it''s warm, comforting, yet, oddly dark and mysterious at the same time...perhaps representing a religious awakening, and at the same time, shady background dealings, dark confessions......love...salvation...intrigue...mystery..power...truly an awesome scent, much like other CDG fragerances, people may not think you are wearing cologne, but rather, you naturally smell like this...absolutely beautiful...it picks up where 2 MAN left off, and takes it to another level...deffinately one of my top 10 favorites of all time..."
By   - Professional from Concord on 1/25/2006
I LOVE this scent. It reminds me of how my sweater smells the day after a beachfire, only a little sweeter and more like trees.
By   - from Honolulu on 1/19/2006
It smells different than not wearing anything. I woud wear definitely wear it if I wanted to smell diffenerent.
By   - Director Of Grogramming XM Radio from Washington, DC on 1/8/2006
Read "The DaVinci Code" and delve into visual descriptions of the mysterious churches and catherdals of the world!
By   - from HERE on 12/12/2005
Surprised my partner, and he wanted NOTHING else for the Holidays!
By   - Retired from Remington Ranch on 12/12/2005
A true miracle of capturing old religious memories!
By   - Real Estate from Houston on 12/12/2005
Really spicy! It does smell like incense. Gets sweet on the drydown. . . I like it, but I don''t love it.
By  on 10/16/2005
LOVE LOVE LOVE this on my guy.He smells amazing in it
By   - Sales Assistant from Chester NJ on 9/2/2005
I''ve often wished there was a great insense scent like this-but when I sprayed it on my wrist, I had an allergic reaction! I love the smell but test first! SInce I can''t have the perfume I''m going with the candle!
By  on 7/21/2005
As it dried down with in hours, mmmm, I learned to appreciate its complexity.
By   - from Baltimore on 7/21/2005
Smells like a spice cabinet. Very masculine. Very woodsy.
By  on 7/15/2005
To me this is one extremly unique fragrance, because to me it smells like white birch bark burning in a fire. Which is quite a unique smell and i think cdg captured this smell in a bottle.
By   - from White Plains on 7/8/2005
Avignon is divine. I call it "Church Leather" because it dries down on me with a mix of a sweet, ethereal leather smell. Very "churchy", very "witchy", captivating, etc. I have to wear a lot though to get it to stick. Must be my chemistry.
By   - from Milan, Indiana on 6/14/2005
Avignon is the best incense fragrance I have ever owned.The drydown ,an airy frankincence.... sublime.... done to perfection.It has a very good lasting power. Mysterious, smoky, the aroma of a ceremony in a Cathedral. If you are into incense, you must have this !!!
By   - artist from Florida on 5/13/2005
By  on 5/11/2005
A beautiful frankincense with a very serious tone. Reminds me of Czech and Speake Frankinsense but more mystical. It''s hard to live with an old world religous experience everyday, all day, but the occasional fast plus prayer and penance is good for the soul. Excellent fragrance that is penetrating, mysterious and haunting.
By   - artist from Oklahoma City on 4/22/2005
What''s wonderful, and perhaps a little disappointing, about this perfume is the way CdG so perfectly distills the essence of frankinsence burning in the air. It''s positively ethereal, with no earthy solidity to the resins. A scent for the aura, not the corpse, it is perhaps a little too sweet on the drydown.
By   - writer from Germantown, NY on 2/1/2005
I love this it is so mystical and gorgeous. Close my eyes... and I''m transported to a beautiful medieval church with incense wafting through the air, and gold icons are in the background.
By   - mystic from Tucson on 1/8/2005
This scent really IS an entire high Mass ritual in medieval Latin ! It''s VERY close if not a perfect representation of Frankencense burned during a Catholic Orthodox celibration. It does have a pine like aspect but so much more ! Truly obscure, exotic and long lasting , My new favorite to be sure- and just spicy enough to be for a man, but a woman who "thinks outside the box" could prob. wear it as well. Extremely unique!
By   - Artist  from St. Louis on 12/14/2004
This has more of a frankincense smell that a lot of frankincense oil I''ve tried! Beautiful. I like wearing it on holy days like Ash Wednesday or the feast of the Seven Dolors of Mary.
By   - Classical Music from Kansas City on 12/8/2004
This made me think of the first time I put on a piece of Comme clothing. It was back in 19.. This is such a unique scent, just like the clothing. I rarely find a scent I want to wear and this is one of them.
By   - Health Care Admin. from Dallas on 12/2/2004
All of the CDG incense series are fabulous. I love every one of them which suprises me as I am very picky about perfume. Avignon is by far the best one. A truly beautiful etheral scent reminiscent of Catholic church growing up this will lift your spirits. Be careful not to spray to much on or it can be nauseating. A little goes a long way.
By   - from Detroit on 9/10/2004
well, sure does remind one of "high mass"...or of the time during a funeral when they swing the incense over the coffin...weird, but nice, and yes, smokey. don''t smell the slightest trace of vanilla or chammomile...almost like thierry mugler''s angel, only without the "sweet."
By   - massage therapist from aspen on 8/18/2004
Truly amazing it smells like an ancient cathedral. It has a smoky scent but not too heavy for everyday.
By   - Mom from Farmington Hills, MI on 6/15/2004
My favorite incense scent, it really smells like an old European church. It was sweeter than Messe de Minuit or Angelique Encens, which I liked.
By   - from San Diego on 6/15/2004
Avignon is the ultimate incense scent...more so than DSH''s Cathedral or Inner Sanctum. It is so different from anything out there. The description of notes doesn''t say so, but I think it must have agarwood, or oud in it besides the frankincense & myrrh. This is not for everyone, but it is for me. If you remember high mass as being an aesthetic experience, this captures the memory.
By   - Designer from San Antonio on 4/24/2004
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