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Eau de Parfum

100ml $165
0.7ml sample $4
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Their strangest release since the original namesake Eau de Parfum. I just smoked three cigarettes in a small broom closet at work and sprayed myself with vanilla room spray to cover the odor. I’m sneaking back to my desk hoping the boss doesn’t notice my transgression but I fear the trail of smoke, the kind that activates the fire alarm, will prompt a call from HR. I pretend to work but the fear is hot, I feel like such a renegade and it might just be worth it to receive my third warning. Three strikes and I’m outta here. A creamy vanilla base, like melted ice cream, reassures me I’ll be okay. The day passes and everyone knows what I did, I could hear the whispers. As I head out the door, the newbie asks if he can borrow a smoke.
By   - Man about Town from Washington DC on 12/2/2019
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