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great scent, similar to rouh al oud by abdul samad al qurashi if youre looking for something alternative
By   - none from nowhere city on 3/4/2020
Sexy!! This is just so darn sexy. I got to have it!
By   - Musician  from Pensacola on 4/6/2017
All the reviewers agree it is a stunning beautiful scent with the finest possible ingredients. But isn't there something morally questionable in spending $875 on a bottle of perfume, regardless of how extraordinary it is? Sorry if I just spoiled someone's guilty pleasure in buying this! You can see from my comment that I am on the edge myself.....I want it....but there are people starving....I want it.....but it's wrong to spend so much money on a perfume.....but I want it!
By   - Attorney from New York on 3/31/2016
This is definitely a unisex scent, but for me, I think it leans more toward the masculine. I mean this in a good way. Were I to smell this on a man, I would definitely be interested because it is subtle.
By   - Retired from Peoria on 10/9/2014
Rose is the main player here and it's a beauty. Completely different from any of rose Oud scent on the market. No joking I sprayed one spritz on my wrist and the scent was still there a little over two days. The oud, woods and roses are there in the beginning together but the drydown is just rose heaven no oud. One of a kind. Haven't smell anything similar yet.
By  on 9/21/2014
This is a very high-end scent. If you are familiar with Boadicea scents, you can tell it was made by them but to the highest level. The dry-down will last all day and is very plush! If you don't want to pay the Nemer price, I would recommend "King's Road" from the newer Boadicea collection, it's less than half the price and pretty close the Nemer experience.
By   - artist from valencia on 5/8/2014
I just received a sample vial of Nemer this morning... on a blind buy. I can't keep my nose away from my wrist! I figure, for the price, it better blow me away. Indeed, Nemer smells phenomenally great, and it is worth every penny. Well, it take that back: I can see Nemer being worth, say, 500 USD for 100 mL, but not 875 USD. Nevertheless, the person wearing Nemer will impress people. That said, I do not see this as for casual wear. This is the type of fragrance one would wear on special occasions, such as weddings, or at luncheons with clients or co-workers, or at job interviews in order to make a great impression. Nemer is a beautiful fragrance.
By  on 3/25/2014
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