Wave Goodbye

The 2017 Fall Report is here with a host of new and exciting scents to ease you into Autumn.

Monsieur Beauregard
Pink pepper, lemon, and cinnamon softening into a base of orris, woodsy musk, and benzoin. Masculine and sexy.
Orto Parisi
Inspired by molten lava, Terroni is bursting with ferocious doses of spice, earth and woods. Orto Parisi through and through.
The Bewitching Yasmine
Rich coffee, jasmine and vanilla are set off against cardamom and Laotian oud. An enchanting combination of hot and cold.
Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait
A new Extrait concentration that intensifies the power and radiance of all aspects of M. Kurkdjian's original masterpiece.
Vetyverio - Eau de Parfum
An ode to Haitian vetiver that is deeply naturalistic, invigorating and grounding - with a bold new projection and sillage.
Figment Woman
A tribute to Bhutan - happiness capital of the world. An impressionistic white floral. Gentle and comforting, with a dreamlike softness.
The Cora
A lushly layered floral heart of jasmine magnolia and carnation on creamy vanilla and resinous ambers; The Cora radiates both bright excitement and luxurious elegance.
The Ruthless Countess Dorothea
A deliciously wearable evocation of high tea, like sipping the finest bergamot laced Earl Grey with buttery scones and creamy vanilla... and maybe just a tiny nip of sherry.
Eight and Bob
Champs de Provence
Leave the bustle of city life behind and journey to unwind in rustic villas, surrounded by the beautiful abundance of nature in full bloom.
The Uncompromising Sohan
A masculine rose with oversized thorns. Juicy, and tangy with peppery oud tones.
Figment Man
We'll be the first to admit that this very unusual blend might be the unusual and challenging scent that will set you apart.
Juliette Has a Gun
Sunny Side Up
Fresh, creamy, woody skin scent. This great release is bound to bring a smile to your face.
$100 - $135
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