Gift Guides - Holiday Gift Guide 2021 - Gift Sets

Molton Brown - Stocking Filler Collection
Spread cheer far and wide this holiday season with this special collection that spans the wide world of Molton Brown's luxuriously lathering Bath & Shower Gels.
Etat Libre d'Orange - The Almost Complete Collection
Delight your senses with this incredible collection of 20(!) atomizer samples from niche perfume's original iconoclasts.
Escentric Molecules - Escentric Molecules - 10 Piece Discovery Set
Gift the sexy, minimalist frontier of fragrance and fashion with this specially priced collection of ten deluxe spray samples.
Puredistance - Perfume Sample Gift Set
Discover this ultraluxurious collection at the intersection of fragrance, travel, and visual art in generous 3ml atomizer bottles perfect for any voyage big or small.
Dusita - Dusita Discovery Set
Discover the luxurious artistry of Dusita perfumes with this collection of deluxe 2ml atomizers containing both new and old favorites.
Une Nuit Nomade - Discovery Set
More than a collection of fragrances, Une Nuit Nomade is a celebration the joys of exploration and travel. Discover their bold and enchanting world.
Anthologie de Grands Crus - Anthologie de Grands Crus - Discovery Set
An enchanting collection of superior formulations that is sure to impress. Exclusive to Luckyscent.
Parle Moi de Parfum - Signature Discovery Set
Parle Moi de Parfum is a fragrance house at the intersection of tradition and innovation, with scents that bridge classic French technique and unbridled creativity.
Shay & Blue - Precious Miniatures Set
Discover five of Shay & Blue's most beloved, whimsical handcrafted fragrances in generous 10ml travel sprays. Presented in a beautiful, gift-worthy box.
Goldfield & Banks - Goldfield & Banks - Discovery Set
A perfect way to get to know this exciting brand from Australia: Goldfield and Banks. Each fragrance is based on a unique ingredient indigenous to Australia.
Fort & Manle - Discovery Set
Discover the whimsical, magical, seductively sumptuous world of Australian niche newcomer Fort & Manle- wondrously creative fragrances like nothing else out there.
Te plus Te - Hinoki Mini Set
Gift the purity and calming power of hinoki wood with travel sized portions of the Organic Body Wash, Organic Moisturizer and Atmosphere Mist- all infused with Hinoki oil.
April Aromatics - Deluxe Discovery Set
A truly wonderful gift set with generous 2.5ml spray samples of perhaps the most elegantly crafted all-natural perfumes in the world.
Rogue Perfumery - Rogue Discovery Set
If you've ever thought they don't make perfume like they used to, these daring vintage-style scents were made for you.
Maison Crivelli - Experiences Olfactives - Maison Crivelli Discovery Set
Maison Crivelli is an exciting and luxurious new house that combines global inspiration with unexpected contrasts.
Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Mini Fragrance Wardrobe - For Her
Discover the opulence and elegance of the king of modern French luxury with this versatile collection of his feminine hits.
Xerjoff - Discovery Set
A curated selection of the Italian niche powerhouse's best selling fragrances. Experience the modern soul and old world craftsmanship blended into each scent.
PARFUMS DE NICOLAI - Deluxe 12-pc Discovery Set
For over two decades, Parfums de Nicolai has been a pioneer of high-end niche perfumery, producing meticulously crafted, classically inspired scents without compromise.
Nishane - Nishane Discovery Set - 21 piece
A beautiful introduction into the stylish world of the Istanbul-based perfume maestros- 21 unique and unforgettable scents.
MEMO - Memo Discovery Kit
Journey across the globe with this collection of olfactive treasures from voyage-inspired French creators MEMO.
Akro - Akro Discovery Set
Six transgressive fragrances: Cigarettes. Marijuana. Sex. Chocolate. Caffeine. Alcohol. Addictions turned into perfume.
Imaginary Authors - Short Story Collection
The Short Story Collection provides a literary-olfactory journey through 8 Imaginary Authors fragrances.
Essential Parfums - Essential Parfums Discovery Set
Discover the creative, modern, surprisingly refined world of Essential Parfums.
Nobile 1942 - Nobile 1942 Discovery Set
An Italian niche bestseller dedicated to the eternal joy of creativity and discovery, Nobile 1942 is a treasured brand. Yours to explore with 8 of their most beloved scents.
BOHOBOCO - Discovery Set
A modern world of contrasts and wonder, enter the world of BOHOBOCO. Discover your favorite scent from the collection today.
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