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Gracefully elegant, cold fresh Iris. Softened by violet. Completely different take on Iris.This fragrance is for for a true Gentleman. Not gourmand or european style Iris at all,, quite humble and yet persuasive. This quality makes it alluring in my opinion. A masterpiece in its own right and in a league of its own. Fragrances of this caliber lesds mens perfumery in a new direction.
By   - Health from Marstal on 1/30/2019
Despite the description above, the notes reversed order a bit for me -- Iris Homme opens with a substantial puff of clean, dry powder, followed after by a tart-juicy lemon note. (Cardamom AWOL, but the orange blossom flutters gently as it passes.) When the iris comes back it brings along a clean, slightly earthy violet -- not so much Parma as the road-company lead in Violettes du Czar: The Musical -- and a composed, dignified sandalwood. Elegant work.
By   - editor from Seattle on 6/22/2017
Stunning!!! Unlike any other Iris in the market. It's not a sillage monster though. Understated. Refined. Mature. Lemony citrus on top that drys down to a soft and powdery floral Iris. Not t all "rooty" or vegetal.
By   - Tech Exec from Bay Area CA on 4/18/2017
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